Mechanic Neal Don

Ex-Browncoat Demolitions/Mechanic- Before the war, you were good at fixing things, you just knew how to make them right. That same skill made learning demolitions easy as a soldier. But you lost the war and now you keep things running again.

Molly Stine
Molly was the classic farmer’s daughter growing up on Hera. Like her two older brothers, she left home with a rifle in her hand to fight. After the war, she returned home to tend the family farm and brew some of the best moonshine east of Serenity Valley. White female, early 30’s, suntanned with blonde hair.

Todd Wilkins
A former Browncoat supply officer, he now has a business selling spacecraft parts and salvage on Boros. He is a somewhat shifty character; his merchandise doesn’t always come from legal sources.
White male, mid 30’s, always dresses in black. Prefers suits, just always black. And he still loves hand grenades of all types.

Becky Barnes
Becky is an ex-Blackjack engineer, and served during the war. After the Amnesty, she went home to New Melbourne and got a job as a spaceport mechanic. Asian/Caucasian, long dark brown hair, early 30’s.