Disloyal to His Own

My new campaign, set in The Expanse, but using a modified Serenity/Cortex rules with some additions from Green Ronin's AGE The Expanse RPG. It will be based on the Expanse books, not the TV show. I may draw visuals from the show, but the books are the guide. The story will start before Leviathan Wakes and may overlap Caliban’s War. I am going to try to be as true to the books as possible; there's a lot of handwaving or errors about some of the physics (spinning asteroids for gravity, microgravity environments and effects on physiology, fuel supplies) but I'm going to try to ignore or simplify as much as I can.

The game is on indefinite hold due to lack of interest.

Campaign Teaser
Who says dead men tell no tales? An abandoned ship taken by pirates embroils the characters in a power struggle within the Outer Planets Alliance. When progressives, revolutionaries, guerrillas, terrorists and anarchists all try to wave the same flag, someone is getting hit by the staff…

Lee- Pilot Logan "Solo" Anderson
Mike- Captain Matty Matheson
Michael- Engineer Aaron "Redstar" Rodrigue


The Hellhammer, an Aruna class Light Freighter
Hellhammer's Ship's Locker
Ship's Log

Lucifer's Remains
To Sleep, Perchance to Scream
Next time: Ice Run

Setting Background and Rules