Diplomatic Difficulties

(GM's note- We started late after much silliness and I admit I had a lot on my mind and wasn't at my best as a GM. I cut the adventure short because the players did take some good precautions and it was late)

After the Second Battle of Genesia, the team has some long down time to repair the damage to the Shriek Hawk. Once they are certified flight ready, they are sent on a mission to escort Rebel diplomat Sola Avand to meet with government representatives on the planet Torve. They are considering joining the Alliance.The team flies Sola to Torve and drives her to the meeting in a non-descript office building. Leelan takes a sniper post on an adjacent building with his new sniper rifle. Varek, Zaonderh and Hack are in the hallway with some local bodyguards while C'athall is in the meeting room. During the meeting, a pair of repulsorlift trucks and an armed speeder pull up to the building and unload stormtroopers
to seize the building. C'athall orders everyone to evacuate and the two teams of bodyguards form up to escort the diplomats out. Shots are fired out windows and the stormtroopers return fire. Hack is wounded and Zaonderh treats him. At the end of the hall, they open a window and Varek flies across the street with his jetpack to get to their speeder in the parking garage there. Zaonderh opens fire on stormtroopers with his two blasters. C'athall grabs a fire hose from the emergency cabinet and uses it to rappel down the stairwell to take the stormtroopers by surprise. As the party fights their way out, Leelan gives cover with his sniper rifle, then descends from his building to rejoin the team. One of the repulsor trucks is near the exit and C'athall throws a thermal detonator inside and throws a regular grenade at the speeder down the street. The speeder is damaged by the grenade but the truck explodes too close to C'athall, mortally wounding him. Zaonderh and Hack try to stabilize him and Hack succeeds (Force Point!). They get everyone into the getaway vehicles and take off. But the last officer chases them in the damaged speeder. Zaonderh damages the windshield with a blaster shot and Leelan is able to hit the damaged pane and snipe the officer. The locals escape in their vehicle and the team returns to the spaceport and gets offworld before the Imperials can get the alert out.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Lee wants Hack to get promoted faster
Lee "What do I need to do to get more rank?"
Jim "Be heroic"
Lee "If by heroic, you mean reckless and stupid, I've got that covered"

C'athall is flirting with the Rebel diplomat
Mike "I'm flirting really hard"
Michael "I'm cockblocking really hard"

The NPC's name is Sola
Lee "Bangbus 15, Sola Powered"

Question of what did they mine on the planet
Lee "Talcum"
Jim "Thorium"
Emily "Lots of hammers"

Discussing character accents
Emily "I wish Varek was a super effiminate tough guy"
Jim "Tim Gunn, the Mandalorian?"

Escaping in their rented speeder
Kevin "What options does it have?"
Jim "Bluetooth"
Kevin "Does smoke come out the back?"
Jim "If you set it on fire"

Discussing how close they were to their ship
Jim "This is the port town"
Lee "Pork town?"
Emily "Do they have pork trucks?"
Lee "I see a new stop on the Bang Bus"