Dinosaur Hunt

This was a one shot using our Serenity/Space:1889 crossover rules. Emily also wanted to playtest a new character, Hestia Entwistle, for our regular game.

The characters are a group of hunters, travelling into the jungles of Venus to look for dinosaurs on an NPC inventor's petrol powered landcruiser. While on safari, they spot an ether flyer crashing into the jungle. They investigate and find a British courier ship has crashed, it is being searched by German troops. Nearby they find what appears to be a polished silver statue that was thrown free from the wreck. It is untouched from the crash and is of an alien figure…They steal the statue and try to escape. When the Germans pursue, the Naturalist uses his knowledge of Venusian dinosaurs to mimic a Triceratops mating call and a herd of dinosaurs block the german pursuit.
It was a very silly game.

Lord Alexander O'Connor, NPC Inventor
Hestia Entwistle, Adventuress: Emily
Robert Muldoon, Big Game Hunter: Matt
Dwight Woods, Two-Fisted American Adventurer: Mike
Ambrose Belloq, Loyal French Sidekick: Kevin
Quentin Smith, Dinosaur Naturalist: Konrad
Big Bill, Assistant Scottish Engineer: Robert

Emily: "I feel like I've never had a doing it twice character." (She was referring to being able to shoot twice in a round…)

Emily: "Do you want some tea?"
Mike: "No thanks, I'm percolating"
Emily: "What?"
Konrad: "He has coffee"
Emily: "Oh, I thought he was going to fart" (Much silliness occurred because Emily has a Fart app on her iPhone)

Robert: "I speak drunk, that's kind of like Irish"

Emily (in character): "We went looking for cheese on the Moon one time and didn't find any. Mr. Entwistle was so upset, he had brought all these crackers…"