Devaronian Intrigue

(GM's note: This is the adventure Abregado-Rae Intrigue by Sara Childress and Christopher John Parks from the No Disintegrations bounty hunter adventure book)

C'athall calls the team together, they're going out on an intelligence gathering run and are to visit a few worlds making mundane cargo runs to reinforce their tramp freighter cover. They decide to head to Mangez first and talk to Zaonderh's gangster contact, Bib'seca. Bib is a Twi'lek member of Soach's crime syndicate here in the sector and part of Jabba the Hutt's cartel. They decide to jump to Latoma and pick up a small cargo bound for Mangez.
The Shriek-Hawk arrives on Mangez with a load of frozen bantha steaks. Zaonderh calls Soach and arranges a meeting at a fine local restaurant. He brings C'athall and Varek for muscle, Leelan and Hack come separately and sit at another table to watch for problems. Zaonderh asks about work and Bib mentions that he just got word of some issue on Latoma; one of the local crime bosses posted a big bounty, supposedly his fiancee has been kidnapped. The boss and his fiancee are Devaronian, Zaonderh should be able to make a good impression. With Zaonderh's muscle, it would be a good chance to earn a favor. The crew returns to discuss and decides to investigate. They get a small cargo of cooking spices and head for Latoma.
On Latoma, they land in the coastal resort city of Le Yer, capital of the local province. They investigate and find the crime boss is actually the "elected" provincial governor. They meet him at his offices and he explains. He is up for re-election soon and arrange a marriage with the daughter of the previous governor who came from an old and respected family. The wedding is supposed to be in three days, he believes his fiancee Brinalloy was either kidnapped by his rivals or is in hiding for fear of her life. Governor Skrigatov mentions a rival crime boss, the Rodian Malkoi. The crew can search her apartment if they want. Brinalloy's only local friend is a Ho'din named Chelah Voh. The governor hands them a datapad with information, he says he must return to his work. They should stay in touch through his associate Friizt, a Herglic who runs the Triple Nova Casino. If they need anything, contact Friizt. The governor dismisses them and they leave. Leelan has Hack start researching the local situation. The first news he turns up is that Brinalloy's grandfather who was the previous governor was murdered before the election that put Skrigatov in power. Now it begins to look like Brinalloy is on the run from the arranged marriage to her grandfather's killer. Should they find her at all? They decide to search for her and possibly help her once she is safe. They get their repulsorlift truck from the ship and head to Chelah's apartment.
Meeting with Chelah, they convince they are trying to help Brinalloy. Chelah is certain Brinalloy ran away from Skrigatov, but is worried the Rodian gang may try to capture or kill her anyway. Brinalloy had a secret life as an actress and performer, she kept it hidden because her family did not approve. Brinalloy said she had a small apartment where she kept her costumes and makeup, she would change there going to and from performances. Chelah doesn't know where it is, but her droid might! She says Brinalloy asked her to pick up her protocol droid from the repair shop. The droid was Brinalloy's nanny growing up and is now her butler, maybe it knows. She gives the party the claim ticket for the droid at a repair shop across town.
The crew decides to return to port and grab their repulsor truck so they can pick up the droid. Brinalloy's apartment isn't far away, they decide to search it. But when they arrive, the cover of the lock panel has been removed and the lock bypassed. They open the door and burst into the apartment, surprising three Rodians who are ransacking it. The crew opens fire, most of them have their pistols set for stun, but C'athall's is on kill as are the Rodians'. As they trade shots, Hack and Zaonderh and Varek are wounded, two more Rodians come outof the bedrooms to join the battle. They finally stun or kill most of the Rodians and the last ones surrender when Leelan intimidates them with his religiosity. The Rodian confesses they work for Malkoi who does not have Brinalloy but is trying to kill her. With sirens coming in the distance, they leave the thugs for the police.
The crew returns to the ship for their transport and goes to pick up the droid. The Verpine owner has no problem with them picking up the droid, as long as they pay the 150 credit repair bill… Zaonderh bargains him down to 120. The droid, MK-221 or "Emmy-Kay" is very annoying and refuses to divulge any of Brinalloy's secrets. A quick session with Hack's droid tools lifts her inhibitions, but not her personality. She leads them to Brinalloy's secret apartment. They find recordings of Brinalloy singing and performing and singing as both male and female aliens of different species, she is a quite accomplished vocal imitator. Hack finds financial records to some businesses on a nearby resort island and the crew loads up in the repulsorlift truck and heads across the water to the island.
Phyrstal Island is a small resort town off the coast with lots of shows and casinos. A local street hawker tells them about Twi'lek singer Yorl Niba and hands them a flier for his show. They decide to investigate. They go to the nightclub and get dinner and watch the opening acts, they Yorl comes out to sing. They are positive it is not Brinalloy in one of her costumes. Varek and Leelan leave to get a hotel for a base of operations and stash the droids. Zaonderh talks to the bartender and finds out there is a female Twi'lek in town, Yorl says she stole his act. Zaonderh bribes the bartender to have Yorl come out and talk to him, but he handles the singer the wrong way and pisses him off. Leelan looks around town and Varek goes to the concierge at the hotel and finds out where the female Twi'lek is singing at. He heads there and calls everyone else. Leelan arrives in time for the singer's last number; it is Brinalloy. But as she finishes her number, four Rodians come out of the crowd and rush the stage. Brinalloy drops a smoke bomb on the stage and disappears. Bouncer rush the Rodians, who open fire with blasters on stun and hit some of the crowd. Leelan runs through a door to back stage and meets Brinalloy coming up the stairs from the basement and tries to talk her into coming with them. Zaonderh joins them and then two Rodians come through the door and open fire on Brinalloy. She is hit and Leelan drags her downstairs out of the line of fire. Varek jumps over the building with his jetpack and C'athal and Hack arrive outside. C'athal kicks down the door, but a third player arrives. A crazy Trandoshan bounty hunter appears and claims he is taking Brinalloy and opens fire. C'athal and Zaonderh finish off the Rodians, Varek hits the Trandoshan with his tangle wire launcher and then shoots him. The crew stabilizes Brinalloy and heads back to their truck. Varek and C'athal strip the Trandoshan of some choice weapons.They all end up in the truck and head back to port.
But when they arrive, the bay door is closed with an impound lock. While they are looking at the lock, three Devaronian thugs and two Gamorreans from Skrigatov's gang approach them. C'athal pulls a grenade he took from the Trandoshan and lobs it into the thugs. Varek, C'athal and Zaonderh finish them while Hack and Leelan deal with the lock. Leelan runs ahead to start the ship while C'athal stores the truck in the cargo bay. Brinalloy is given further treatment while they lift off from the planet. After some discussion, they will take her to Genesia. Some of her relatives made it off world when Skrigatov murdered her grandfather, from Genesia she can go anywhere she wants.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing that planets in Star Wars all seem to be made of a single terrain type
Emily "What kind of planet? I'm envisioning strip malls"

Planning to meet with Bib'seca
Michael "Can I buy him some wine and a pair of goblets that match his eyes?"
Jim "Do you want a job or a date?"

Looking for transport to run down clues in Le Yer
Emily "Is there space Uber?"
Michael "Spuber"
Emily "That sounds awful"
Michael "Splyft?"

Emily "Rodians never shoot first"
Jim "Rodians have a racial penalty to initiative"
Emily "Really?"
Jim "No. They're just bad at reading human body language that you're about to shoot them"
Emily "So they just stand there like a deer in the headlights?"
Jim "Of course; look at those big eyes they have"

Discussing the missing Devaronian woman, Brinalloy
Michael "Do you think Devaronian women are less…"
Lee "Horny?"

Jim "Roll initiative"
Lee "With FOUR dice!"

The crew is having trouble fighting with just pistols
Kevin "I'm never going anywhere without an automatic weapon"

Somehow we got on a long and dirty conversation about some alien species having two anuses. The only comments I'm going to include are:
Kevin "I'm going to shoot him in one of his buttholes"
Lee "Secondary exhaust port"
Jim "It's directly below the main port"

Discussing interrogating one of the Rodians and waterboarding him
Mike "You want to see the faucet again?"

Discussing the new Star Trek series, Kevin had a slip of the tongue and called it "Star Trek: Dynasty"

Talking about what is the resort town like
Michael "Is it Las Vegas or Atlantic City?"

Deciding what weapons to carry
Jim "You're not carrying grenades"
Emily "We're not occupying it"

Varek wants to keep his helmet with him, since the sensors give him better Perception checks
Kevin "It's a prescription helmet"

Emily "Perception is not my best skill…" rolls 3 on 3d6.

Trying to talk to the Twi'lek singer
Michael "If he comes out. I'll give him some money to… <trails off in thought>"
Jim "To do what, Mr Weinstein?"

Searching the downed Trandoshan bounty hunter
Michael "What's his name?"
Jim "He doesn't have a name tag <sewn> in the back of his shirt"
Kevin "Check his underwear"
Emily "Calvin Klein, the Trandoshan?"