Character: Desdamona Arfine
Age: 42 Years
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Thief
Desdamona was abandoned as a child in a human village. She was left at a couple's doorstep in a bundle of blankets and a note that said that she needed a family to take care of her. She grew up in the human village with her foster mother, Safyra Arfine, and her foster father, Kevword Arfine. She never felt like she fit in, she she didn't age as fast as other humans did. While she was half human, she was also half elf. She knew she couldn't deny that she looked different, and that people noticed. She got good at hiding and sneaking around, as well as disguising herself to appear human just to feel like she fit in. She would play around with her parents trinkets, making traps and finding ways to distract people, so she could make a getaway if something was too tense or wasn't right in her eyes.

She did her reading on the life of elves, and tried to find a way to justify why her birth parents would abandon her. This got to her more and more as she grew, until she decided that she had had enough. She no longer wanted to dwell on that. She had two options, to try to find her parents, or to try to make something of herself. She chose to pursue adventure and do something with her life other than mope around and hide. She figured she would use these rogue like skills for good, and that she would become a silent hero. So she continues to travel the world to see what she can make of herself.