After dealing with the fallout from their bit of piracy, the crew of the Hellhammer get a job carrying empty power cells to the factories on Io and returning to Ceres with a cargo of full cells. Along the way, they detect a derelict drifting on a similar course. They decide to approach and see if they can salvage anything. On closing with the derelict, they see it is a Belter made Yu Shen class freighter. The bridge has taken a close range hit from a PDC burst, but no other damage is visible. They dock to the ship and go across. There is no power and they crank open the airlock doors manually. When they enter the ship, they see the airlock on the other side is open and the ship exposed to vacuum. Beginning to search they find bodies of most of the crew in the common room. Two female crew were raped then shot, several male crew have been tortured and killed. All were killed before the ship's air was spilled, except for the captain who was tied to a chair and left to asphyxiate (GM's note- I stole this scene from one of David Weber's Honor Harrington books, I believe it was Honor among Enemies). Examining the ship further, they see pro-Belter and OPA propaganda posters. Redstar moves to examine the ship's engines and finds a dead crew member in the passage. On the engineering deck, the reactor is shut down and all the fuel pellets scavenged, every piece of valueable equipment and spare part has been scavenged. Solo examines the bridge, the communications officer is dead in his chair, killed by the PDC burst. Everything is powered down, so he returns to the ship for a portable generator to power up the computers. Matty checks the cargo bays, everything is gone.
The crew meets on the bridge as Solo powers up the computer. Most of the data has been wiped, the black box shows physically damaged. The only thing they recover is a short clip from the port airlock camera showing the first boarder coming inside, they are wearing an unmarked UNMC issue suit of space armor and blast the security camera. The only other thing is the pilot's station had a data transfer cable plugged in, but it's not connected to anything and there's nothing else within reach. They examine the console and find a panel ajar, beneath is a physically separate computer, Redstar says it's a setup used by data smugglers. Downloading the contents of the hidden memory turns up a bunch of encrypted files and a plain language recording of a voice log from just before the attack. The pirate ship was recognized by the belter crew as a belter OPA privateer, the Osa. They also mention that someone named Figueroa needs to know that the Osa is attacking belters.
The Hellhammer's crew copies the information, leaves a salvage beacon on the ship and heads on to Io to carry out their cargo run. Matty contacts a friend, Naseem Kalwar on Ganymede, who is an OPA member. She gives a little information, the ship disappeared a few months back, it's an OPA cargo ship. Figueroa is an OPA boss on Ceres. The ship lands on Io and swaps cargos and they return to Ceres. The main reactor develops an issue affecting its startup routine, but since they can't repair it in powered flight and it's not a problem until they dock, it waits until they arrive on Ceres. Once they dock and unload, Redstar goes for parts and tears down the reactor, Solo goes to visit a friend who is a well connected local belter prostitute. After taking advantage of her services, he asks her about the people involved in the message.
Figueroa ends up contacting the crew and arranging a private meet. She is a hispanic belter, Martina Figueroa. She is one of the faction leaders of the OPA here on Ceres, the crew of the Void Angel worked for her. Perretti is a strongman and enforcer for one of Figueroa's rivals, he is supposed to be something of a "Robin Hood" to the belters, but there have been rumors that he attacks belter ships if he can get away with it. She is very angry about the abuse and murder of her crew and wants revenge on the crew of the Osa. But she also wants proof of their crimes so she can use that against her rival who has protected Perretti. She offers them 1,000 credits upfront for the files from the Void Angel's data cache and promises them more if they will help her. The crew agrees.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing whether or not Belters smoke weed
Jim "They do alot of mushrooms"
Mike "If you're allergic to mushrooms, you're fucked"
Jim "If you're allergic to soy and mushrooms, you might as well just move to Earth"
Are there cigar or hookah bars?
Jim "Remember the Belter obsession with clean air; they probably don't smoke anything"
Mike "Just lots of edibles"

While maneuvering to dock with the derelict, there's a discussion of the phallic nature of extending a docking tube
Mike "We need to name the docking tube… MC, what would you name a dick?"
MC, without hesitation "Princeton"

Discussing how everything on Io stinks because of the sulfur volcanoes, Lee mentions Io is connected to Jupiter by a trail of ionized sulfur gas
Mike "Great, it's a literal cropdusting planet"

Lee "There's a lock on my pants. What number Bang Bus are we on?"
Jim "We haven't had one in a while" <checks the wiki> "30"
Lee "Bang Bus 30: Pants Locker"
Mike "It's a play on Hurt Locker"
Lee "Squirt Locker"

Meeting with the local OPA representative
Lee "We would like one Income"