Depths of Evil

Players and Characters
Sam- Half-Elf Assassin Prim
Brittany- Wood Elf Bard Aria
Jack- Half-Dwarf Wizard Furath Bolt
Nick- Half-Elf Healing Cleric Joan
Katya- Half-Elf Bard Akari Aldonsdaughter
Evan- Half-Elf Warlock Dolomoth Ixidramos


House Rules and Setting Notes

Character Session
The Foe Surfaces
Tea Time
Demon Village
Hlammach Questions
Lyrabar Larceny
Fey Forest
Coastal Cities
Sahuagin Attack
Conspiracy Revealed
Sister Talk/Wizard's Message
Lost Assets
Gone Daddy Gone/Feyke Out
Hunting Ezra/Fey Rescue
Brother Chase
Mother Found
Drow After Dark

Campaign Details
Our third 5E campaign is set in the Forgotten Realms (wiki here), but I'm going to do a LOT of simplification (there are over 40 human gods alone in the Faerunese pantheon, plus all the non-human and other human cultures' gods). Here is a map of the planned campaign area. It is far to the East of Waterdeep and the Sword Coast, closer to the Asian lands.
Maps for the Sea of Fallen Stars
Gods of Faerun

Magic Items
Hope's End
Ring of Blinking
Bracers of Defense
Horn of Summoning
Sadiq's Spellbook
Potion of Damage Mirror
Pipes of Haunting
Misty Armor
Belt of the Bear
Fey Orb
Fey Manacles
Radiance Bombs
Voidskin Cloak
Long Bow of Accuracy
Necklace of the War Caster
Moonsteel Short Sword
Wand of Freezing Rays
Shoes of Spider Climbing
Death Spear
Lolth's Sting