Deep Space Stations

The inhabited major asteroid colonies of the Belt are few and can be very far between as their orbits take them on their individual paths around the Sun. To support the freighters, ice haulers, mining ships and prospecting teams, there are many space stations spread through out the Belt. There are also many private and corporate support and research stations scattered through the Solar system. And finally, the militaries of the Earth-Mars Coalition, pirates, Belter resistance and smugglers have resupply bases ranging from squadron repair bases to a stray rock with a cache of fuel and air.
As the bodies of the system move about their orbits, and mining booms and busts move people around, many of the stations are also capable of low powered flight.
Stations are also found in the Jovian Trojan asteroid clusters which accompany Jupiter in its orbit.

Famous Stations
Tycho Station
Anderson Station
Athens Station
Gibraltar Station
Helena Station