After returning with the needed medical supplies and not having spent barely any of the money for them, the team is congratulated by General Reskan, given commendations and a bonus, except for Leelan, who spent the money on upgrading his droid. They don't have a new mission, the team is basically being given a working leave. The general tells them to go out and work some normal jobs to improve their cover as an independent transport. Visit their contacts, pick up some odd jobs, travel the sector and see if they can gather any intelligence. Before they leave, they are notified that one of Black Knives squadron's recon Y-wings is missing, be alert for any rumors. It was on a scouting mission checking uninhabited worlds for Imperial or pirate activity.

The team discusses where to go, they decide on Genesia since C'athall, Varek, Zaonderh and Hack all have underworld contacts there. They land at the capital city of Brenn and reach out to their contacts. Varek tries to call his, but has to leave a message, so he finds a pub nearby to go drinking. Leelan heads out to the ship junkyards looking for cheap parts to upgrade the ship. Zaonderh goes to the seedy end of the warehouse district to visit his contact. C'athall takes Hack with him to The Siren, the starport bar and whorehouse his friend Na'vida runs. Hack is just overwhelmed by all the attractive females and C'athall decides to prank him. He sets Hack up with a drag queen and gets a picture of Hack's face when he sees his "date" is a male…
Zaonderh realizes he is being followed by a Mandalorian in blue and grey armor. He calls the team and warns them, another shows up at the whorehouse where C'athall is. Zaonderh stops and hires a couple of thugs to attack his follower, but the Mandalorian gets the drop on him and stuns him. Varek leaves his pub and a third Mandalorian is waiting for him outside. Varek sees he is wearing the colors favored by Deathwatch. He shoots Varek with a poisoned rocket dart, but Varek resists the poison long enough to shoot his attacker. While bystanders scream and flee, Varek takes the Mandalorian's pistols and one of his armor's weapon bracers. C'athall lures the Mandalorian into a room at the whorehouse and knocks him out, then gets a ride back to the ship. Varek and Leelan return to the ship and Cathall treats his wound. There is no reply from Zaonderh…
Zaonderh wakes up in the trunk of a speeder. He is at the port, prisoner of the Mandalorian who was following him. He tries to fast talk the Mandalorian and convinces him that he is willing to sell out Varek (Michael spent a Force point). The second Mandalorian tries to call his partners, Varek takes the comlink from their prisoner and answers in his Mandalorian accent. While they talk, Hack uses the ship's sensors to get a direction on the signal. Then he slices into the port landing records looking for a possible berth where they might be. Finally, he checks the security cams for the area and finds Zaonderh and his captor. Leelan calls the port and gets permission to move their ship to a nearby berth.
Varek puts on the Mandalorian's armor and C'athal puts on Varek's armor to pretend to be his prisoner. They arrive at the berth and shoot the last Mandalorian and rescue Zaonderh. They strip the mandalorian and try to plunder their ship, but its locked tight. They decide to steal their speeder and pile in. But Zaonderh is trying to make a fst getaway and crashes into the wall of the berth, damaging the speeder. They pile out of the speeder and head for their ship. They are a little concerned about getting caught, but Varek was wearing the bad guy's armor and C'athal had Varek's helmet on. They take off from Genesia and C'athall kills their prisoner and dumps him out the airlock. Leelan still wants to find parts for the ship, so he suggests theygo to see his contact, Chag, who is on the junkworld of Orma.
They jump to Orma and Leelan calls Chag. Chag is happy to hear from Leelan, he was thinking of trying to get a message to Leelan. He says he has something Leelan will want to see and turns on his landing beacon to guide the ship down.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing some D&D podcast's character
Michael "He was sleeping around like bards do"
Emily "Are bards known for that?"
Jim "Just ask Matt"
Emily "So bards are like the lead guitar player?"

And the Raise Dead ceremony, which requires some friends to come to help lure the dead soul back to life
Jim "It's a reverse eulogy"

The player characters are praised and get a bonus for getting the medical supplies for free practically
Emily "Do we get an award ceremony?"
Jim "Everyone gets a commendation in their records"
Emily "Five commendations earn you an award ceremony"
Kevin "Unless you're a Wookie. Or a droid"

One of the Rebel Y-wings from the Black Knives squadron is missing
Michael "Black Knives Matter"
Jim groans and penalizes Michael a chip for the bad pun
Emily "You've been waiting to say that, haven't you?"
Michael "Ever since he said 'Black Knives' "

The crew splits up on Genesia, looking for work
Emily "We're going to crime casual"

Describing the different Mandalorians and their tricked out armor
Emily "Mandalorians seem complicated"

Varek defeats the Mandalorian that attacked him
Michael "You need to cut off his head to gain his power"
Jim "This isn't Highlander"

Discussing why Deathwatch might be after Varek
Jim "You stole a ship"
Kevin " 'Stole' is a strong word' "