Death's Service

The party has arrived in LaMut and will take a couple of days while Adolphus gathers supplies and get permissions to continue on. On the evening of the second day, the party is having dinner in the common room of their inn. Jace tries to seduce on of the barmaids and she slaps him and dumps a beer on him. When Adolphus returns, he looks angry and waves at them, then goes to the innkeeper. He speaks to the inn keeper and passes over some coins, and several barmaids gather up the party's meals and moves them into a private room. Adolphus joins them, still seething somewhat, but begins to explain. He tells them that he has not discussed his background, he is a retired priest of Lims-Kragma, goddess of death. He served her church for many years and is now mostly retired and serves the church as a scholar and historian. He stopped at the local temple and they have a problem they presented him with for help. The local Thieves' Guild came to them because there are undead in the city catacombs. They want help from Lims-Kragma, so the local priest gave it to Adolphus. He has to help the church, so he will pay the party a bonus to deal with the problem. The thieves will send a guide to show the adventurers where the undead have been seen. They decide to go before dawn the next day, Adolphus takes word back to the temple and the thieves.
The party gets up early the next day before sunrise and a local thief, a slender, dark haired young woman, comes to the inn to meet them. She doesn't give her name and leads the party across town. Near their destination, they pass a couple of burned out buildings. Their guide says one of them belonged to a wizard who let his magic get out of hand and his home and a few nearby buildings burned. They come to a manhole cover and she asks Flynn to open it. She gives them directions of where to go in the sewers and disappears into the night.
The party moves into the sewers, walking a path along side the flowing water. When they approach the intersection, they hear what sounds like tools and possibly digging. Jace casts Silence to cover their approach. Looking down the side passage, they see three zombies, which may have spotted the party's lights. They are armed and armored, one has a lantern. They move quickly and purposefully, not in the usual zombie shuffle. Jace cancels his Silence and they attack. The zombies seem resistant to wounds, but continue to fight and move well. One cries out in apparent pain when hit by a spell and the party becomes suspicious. Zinnius casts a Searing Smite spell on his sword to attack. Raaha doesn't think they're undead and Jace casts Command on one of the zombies and it works. The party thinks they're humans under some kind of spell, so switch to non-lethal attacks. With the enemy being well armored, it takes a while to beat them down, but Flynn dishes out lots of bruising and Zinnias cancels his spell. Raaha ties up a couple of them as the battle progresses, and eventually all three are subdued and tied up. Examining them, they are warm, not cold and dead, they have pulses and their wounds bleed fresh blood. Gala thinks they are under the influence of a spell that makes them look like zombies and gives them resistance to normal weapons.
The party moves further down the tunel towards where the noise came from and a second trio of "zombies" appear out of the shadows and attack. Gala and Raaha soften them up with spells while the rest of the party beats them unconscious and ties them up. Further down the tunnel is a pile of old bricks and mortar and a torn open door with light coming from withing. Zinnias tries to sneak up and peaks inside. Beyond is a short passage leading to the basement of a house that has burned and collapsed. The basement is full of charred timbers and remains. A wizard and warrior are searching the debris, the wizard keeps muttering "It must be here!" The warrior spots Zinnias andshouts a warning and draws his rapier. The wizard turns and casts a spell towards Zinnias, the incantation is harsh and horrific. A dark portal opens next to Zinnias, it smells of brimstone and death. Two bizarre creatures fly out; severed heads with bat wings growing from where their ears should be. Flynn shouts in anger and goes into rage and charges. Raaha hits one head Eldritch Blast and Zinnias finishes it with his sword. The second head lets out a terrifying shriek, but Zinnias and Flynn ignore the pain and Flynn smashes the other head with his axe, crushing it with his rage. The warrior attacks Flynn with a flaming sword. Gala and Jace move up to help. The wizard Misty Steps into the hallway and throws something at Gala; it turns into a giant black wolf which bites her savagely. Raaha casts Hex and Eldritch Blast on the wolf and Gala finishes it with Fire Bolt, the wolf shrinks into a black statuette. Jace heals Gala. Flynn hits the warrior and the warrior unleashes a flurry of attacks and Flynn goes down. The wizard hits Jace with Magic Missile and Zinnias and Gala attack him, but he throws up a Shield spell. Jace heals Flynn, he gets back up, goes back into rage and kills the warrior. Flynn chops off the warrior's head with a single blow of his axe (natural 20!). The wizard hits Gala with Magic Missile, but she blocks all the spell with a Shield spell of her own. She fires back with Scorching Rays from her Circlet of Blasting, two are blocked by the wizard's Shield, but the first ray punches right through (natural 20!) and drops him.
The party wants to interrogate the wizard, they grabbed the warrior's severed head, but by the time they get back to him, he has died. Packing up, they turn around and find their thief guide and two more Thieves' Guild members watching them. The thieves applaud their work and offer to dispatch the "zombie" prisoners. The party protests and insists on taking the prisoners back, it's possible they were unwilling victims of the spell that changed them. The thief leader shrugs and tells them they will be in contact through Lim-Kragma's church and they are grateful for the party's service. When the thieves leave, the party searches the ruined basement to see what the wizard was looking for. The rubble has fragments from a wizard's laboratory, this is the burned out wizard's house! They finally find the spellbook that belonged to the home's wizard, they take it to sell. They search the dead wizard and take some coins, a ring, mace, rapier and the wolf figurine. The party takes their prisoners to the local temple of Sung, but the spell wears off and they reurn to normal. They admit to being hired swords working for the wizard and they are turned over to the city guard. The adventurers return to their inn for breakfast and Adolphus has their pay from the thieves. He tells them to take a day of rest and they will leave town tomorrow and head to Yabon.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
We were working on leveling characters to third level and Nick was looking at Barbarian Paths in the fan made ("home brew") section of a website
Nick "I thought 'Path of the Homebrew' was making my own beer"
Stacy "It's like Drunken Master"
Mike "You throw bottles during a fight"

Someone rolled a nine and everyone chimed in saying "Nine"
Brittany "It's a chorus of nines"
Jim "You mean a chorusnine?"

Flynn chops off his opponent's head
Stacy "That's not the way to get a head in life"

The wizard's house burned down
Stacy "Meth! They were cooking meth"
Brittany "Wizard meth"
Jack "If it was a holy wizard, it would be angel dust"
Brittany "Well, the wizard is full of holes"