Death of the Apollo

Players and Characters
Ryan: Chris Hammond, Doctor
Matt: Roy Nelson, Copilot/Mechanic
Konrad: Jett Winters, Medtech
Emily: Ru, a mystery person
Raleigh: Naomi Hale, Medtech/Engineering

12/19/2520 Alliance Standard Dating

The Apollo is enroute to St. Albans for a routine clinic tour. Teams Two and Four are on shuttle duty and are busy prepping the shuttles for their mission. Most of the other teams are off duty at various points of the ship, although Jett is down in Supply double checking inventory as the shuttles are restocked.
Suddenly the ship is rocked by an explosion, the power goes out, then the emergency lighting comes back on. The shock has thrown people around, some are seriously injured. Everyone is ordered to stand by to abandon ship and the crew heads for the lifeboats. Naomi and Roy go to main engineering and find the duty engineer is unconscious and bleeding. They drag him out then go back in to assess the damage. The explosion occurred in the main reactor cooling and the reactor is heading for an explosive overload. Naomi and Roy come up with a plan to jettison the hull over the reactor in hopes of diverting the explosion outside. The crew is boarding the lifeboats and running down the checklist, Dr. Singh and Medtech Wu are unaccounted for, Jett and Ru go and find them and carry them back to the lifeboat. With all hands accounted for, Captain Harris gives the order to abandon ship and the two Nightingales and the lifeboats launch and maneuver away from the Apollo. Naomi and Roy's hull breach opens the upper hull just before the reactor explodes, but the explosion is too powerful and reduces the rear half of the ship to confetti and wrecks the rest. The four craft maneuver around and call for help. But five minutes after the Apollo explodes, the two Nightingales explode and are lost with all hands…
While the survivors are trying to cope with the loss of their comrades, they are hailed by the Michael. They say they can't tow the shuttles and they have limited life support, but they can take everyone aboard if they wear space suits to ease their life support demands. The two crews board the Michael, up close she is seen to be an old Archangel pre war gunboat. The crews are made as comfortable as possible in the cargo bay, the casualties are moved to their very limited medbay to be taken care of by Dr. Hammond and Jett. The Michael's commander, a man named Addison Price, explains they are taking the survivors to their base, and they have been in contact with Director Lennon. Jett is concerned because the crew of the Michael wear prewar style Londinium uniforms without insignia or patches and believes them to be rogue traitors from the war.
The ship lands at their base and offloads the crew, they are taken to a meeting room with a window, they see the base is on a small ice moon. There is a fuel station visible, mining ice for processing, a tanker and a freighter and some shuttles are on the landing field. Price returns with a women he introduces as the base "administrator", Chao Rogers. She explains that they are business associates of Dr. Lennon's. For their safety, the crew of the Apollo has been declared missing, believed dead. Her people will provide them temporary false IDs and give them transport to the Corone skyplex. There, they will take passage to Persephone, where Director Lennon will meet them.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
A bunch of drinking jokes about if Willy Wonka had been about alcohol
Konrad <sings> "Sweet dream of Inebriation"
"He fell in the river of Frenet-Branca"
"Where does it go?!"
"To the Distillery"

Raleigh "Would Lennon's answer be 'What would Sata do?'"

Matt, after his character sees the hole in the hull "We're going to need the big <duct> tape"

Naomi botches on a First Aid roll and injures the victim, Dr. Hammond pushes her aside
Ryan "This isn't an engine"

Konrad "#5 cheese knife or #6 cheese knife?"
Ryan "Let me see the ruler"

Talking about Roy's custom, long duration spacesuit
Jim "There's nipples inside the helmet for food, water, electronic cigarette"
Emily "Boob, water, cigarette?"

Wondering if there was a chance Matt's character routinely carried explosives around with him
Emily <old man voice> "I've had some in my anus since the war"

Emily "Since this is the part where I'm on the loveboat…I mean lifeboat"

Matt rolls a Piloting roll and only gets a "5"
Matt "Oh wait" Sticks his hand in the air and mimes flicking the three switches. "That's better"

Konrad is talking about how upset his character is over all the crew members who have just died
Ryan "Sterilize their wounds with your tears"

Matt "Congratulations Dr. Hammond, you're the first doctor to declare himself dead"

Emily's character is eavesdropping on a conversation outside and she's making jokes about Extendible Ears from Harry Potter
Konrad "Where'd you get the tube?"
Emily "I pulled the butt tube out of my suit"