Death By Triflexia

(Based on the adventure written by Peter M. Schweighofer, published in Challenge magazine #76)
After the last couple of missions where the team took casualties, General Reskan promises them an easy mission for a break. Since the fighter squadrons expended a lot of ordnance attacking the star destroyer at Genesia, he sends the Shriek-Hawk on a supply run, delivering proton torpedoes, blaster gas and fighter parts to the sector's three fighter squadron bases. Also, Commander Gion assigns them a combat medic, Bohdan, since they have been wounded a lot. The ship loads supplies and jumps to the De'nel system where the Blue Comets Y-wing squadron is stationed on an asteroid base. Hack trades with the local supply officer, getting some brandy for porn. Leelan convinces one of the local pilots to let him fly a Y-wing on a routine training flight.The team heads to their next stop.
The next base is on the uninhabited world Intran and hosts the Green Demon X-wing squadron. While they are unloading, a technician working on a piece of equipment in the bay has an accident and is electrocuted. The short circuit kills the bay lighting and the emergency lights come on. Leelan runs to a nearby circuit panel and cuts power to equipment. Bohdan moves the body and sees he is dead, but his face and neck are grossly swollen and dark red. C'athall and Varek come over, Zaonderh and Hack are watching the other people in the bay. Bohdan puts the dead tech in a body bag and Hack goes to a computer terminal to try to look at security cameras, but can't get access. The base commander, squadron captain and base surgeon arrive and begin asking questions. The surgeon, a Mon Cal lieutenant named Akimbo, asked Bohdan to carry the body to sickbay for him. Hack asks for permission to get into the security system, but is brushed off by the base officers. He and Zaonderh notice a female technician is crying and she is taken from the scene by another technician. They follow along and note the name on the woman's quarters. Returning to the bay, Hack asks C'athall to get him access and the base commander agrees to C'athall's request. Unfortunately, none of the cameras in the bay are placed to see what happened. The base commander explains the equipment is a new sensor array to close a gap in the base's coverage; Leelan offers to repair it and get it running.
In sickbay, Dr. Akimbo diagnoses the victim as having Triflexia; he immediately checks Bohdan and releases him, but orders the wookie to come back in 10 hours to be rechecked. The surgeon declares a quarantine and orders everyone to report to sickbay to be checked. At the mention of a quarantine, Zaonderh retreats into the ship and dons his spacesuit. Overnight, the medical teams check the base personnel and finally get around to the team. They insist Zaonderh take off his suit for a check. Leelan gets a "maybe" on his test and is ordered into quarantine until his second test later in the day clears him.
Once all the team check, the base commander asks them to carry the sensor unit t its location on the far side of Intran. The bases's second engineer, Lt. Tanya Madera will accompany them to oversee the setup.While preparing to load the unit, Leelan realizes it has a bomb inside. Tanya calms his fears, telling him it's the self destruct charge in case the unit is captured by the Empire. They load the unit and fly it to its designated location and get it up and running with no problems.But on the way back, Varek detects a transmission on an Imperial frequency coming from the unit. Tanya comes onto the bridge and he shows her the transmission. She agrees that's not right and they fly back to the unit. By the time they land, it is night time. C'athall, Zaonderh and Leelan accompany Tanya to the sensor. Partway there, C'athall feels a prick in his skin and he begins to choke and have trouble breathing. The same thing happens to Leelan, but he passes out. Zaonderh sneaks back to cover them, but sees Tanya holding a needle pistol instead of a blaster and shoots her three times. C'athall and Leelan have Triflexia symptoms, so he calls Bohdan for help and they treat C'athall and Leelan. Hack goes to the sensor unit and disables it, shutting down the Imperial transmission. They bag Tanya's body and return to base.
Once they explain what happened to the base officers, they search her quarters and find vials of poison and antidote hidden in a medical kit in her quarters. They must assume she was a spy and the Empire may be alerted. They decide to evacuate as many of the base personnel as possible while the X-wing squadron prepares to intercept any Imperial craft. The Shriek-Hawk is ordered to abandon their supply mission and carry word back to Sector HQ immediately.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Hack installs a holo-projector on the ship so it can project different designs on the hull to help change the ship's appearance
Emily "So just <drawings of> penises"

Hack is trading with the supply officers at the bases
Jim "You get a case of space brandy"
Lee "Sprandy"

Chmiel is discussing Bohdan's translator and calls it a "wookie-talkie"

The base engineer is dead from electrocution, but his head is oddly swollen
Lee "He's allergic to electricity"

Everytime Lee rolls Perception, he says "With four dice" because he just raised his stat

Discussing the Mirialan homeworld is cold and mildly radioactive
Lee "Chernobyl"

Chmiel's wookie is a little rambunctious
Mike "I'm going to squirt you"

Flying the sensor unit to the far side of the planet
Chmiel "I thought the planet was flat"
Emily "Only half the planet thinks that"