Days Long Past

I still didn't get my drink!
The Britannia lands on Paquin for a break on the trip from Red Sun to Ezra in Georgia. In reality, it's Unification Day and the former Independents, Captain Windsor included, are looking for a chance to throw down with some Purple Bellys. Ruan argues against stopping, after all they are hauling a cargo canister they hijacked for Niska and he is waiting for its delivery. Stopping to drink and brawl with stolen goods is a bad idea. The crew refuse to be swayed and Ruan is left to guard the ship. Ronnie takes his daughter to a show while the rest head off to find a bar…
Naomi leads them to a bar near the port offices, frequented by Alliance personnel. They swagger in and immediately get into a confrontation at the bar. While Windsor, Cid and Silas trade blows, Naomi scoops up the Purple Bellys' drinks, ducking and dodging the one after her. Cid and Windsor use their recent training and the crew puts down their four opponents, then decide to scram and find a bar for some real drinks, since Naomi is three drinks ahead.
Back at the ship, Ronnie and Sarah return with a box gift wrapped in pink with white ribbons and she presents it to Ruan. It's a bonsai tree and kit. Eventually the rest of the crew returns and sleeps off their bruises and booze. The Britannia departs for Ezra late in the morning.

A spot of Tea
The Britannia arrives at Ezra at delivers the canister to Niska's agents, Ruan visits Niska's wife Magda at their estates. With the job done and no real chance for work here, they lift off and go cross system to Boros to find better work and do monthly maintenance. The captain is still thinking about Niska snooping in his finances and starts checking the ship for bugs or other listening devices. The crew does some shopping, Ruan is trying to find ammunition for his pistol, but it's almost impossible to find. He buys a less sophisticated but still advanced pistol, some ammunition and a null-holster to have as a backup. Naomi takes Ruan out partying and finds a rave, then scores some drugs and talks Ruan into taking some with her. They end up stoned and back in Naomi's bunk and Ruan loses his virginity with Naomi.
Meanwhile, the ship is hailed by the IAV Swordfish, an Orca class corvette. The captain is Windsor's old Academy friend Nelson Hill. Captain Hill invites Windsor over for dinner and Windsor flies one of the shuttles up to meet him. They have dinner and some of Windsor's rum and Windsor eventually questions Hill for some details about the Folsom. Hill tells him the names of the survivors and location of the only survivor the Alliance has current records for, the ship's engineer Lin Barnes who lives on Liann Jiun. Windsor moves the conversation on then departs for his ship and starts looking for jobs going to Liann Jiun…
The next morning the ship is oddly quiet as Naomi and Ruan sleep off their drugs and debauchery. The captain locates two cargoes headed for Liann Jiun and they leave the next day after the cargo is loaded and maintenance is finished.

What am I thinking?
On Liann Jiun, they find Lin Barnes and start watching him. He is a depressed and solitary person, working as an engineer at a spaceship parts factory. He seems to have few friends and drinks heavily. Ronnie places a tracer on his vehicle and Ruan and Ronnie follow him around. Watching him in a restaurant having too much to drink, Ruan approaches him as a kind stranger to ask if he needs a taxi home. He angrily stalks away from Ruan and gets in his car to drive drunkenly away. Ruan's interest in him causes his Reader ability to activate and Ruan reads the conspiracy to fake the disappearance of the Folsom to sell the POWs as slaves, who was in on it and who the slave buyers were on Aesir. Ruan returns to the ship and tells the crew everything he learned along with the realization he's psychic. The crew is skeptical at first, but Ruan talks about other times he's known things and proceeds to prove it to the crew by reading their minds. Ronnie is pretty upset because of his secrets about his assassin history, but opens up a little more after having Ruan swear he will keep their private lives confidential. He is still distrustful of Ruan, since he doesn't know his own history and won't or can't explain where he got his sophisticated pistol or his martial arts training. Afterwards Ruan talks with the captain about the urban legends on Londinium about the Academy, he wonders if that's where he came from. Since they now know what they came to Liann Jiun to learn, they decide to head for Red Sun and another crack at finding the POWs.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Talking about Niska knowing the ship's finances
Matt "You been shopping online again?"
Emily "He went to Target; it's Sparget"

There was a discussion of boobs in zero gravity and that there was probably a bell curve of the perfect size vs gravity ratio.

Ruan doesn't want the ship to stop for U-day
Emily "I didn't fight in no war"
Matt "I had a side; money. I fought for the greencoats, I mean greenbacks"

The captain is going to relax and let it all out
Lee "The stick is right out of my ass today"

Michael is not rolling well for Cid in the bar fight
Matt "Did you remember to put on your Old Spice today?"

Lee "Does Guinness exist in the future?"
Jim (fervently, with complete conviction) "It must!"
Emily laughs, Jim doesn't drink beer.

Sarah gives Ruan a gift since he was stuck guarding the ship
Emily "What is it, a severed head?"

Talking about Ruan writing in his diary that the crew had to stop for U-day activities
Jim "Dear diary, today the rest of the crew were dicks"
Emily "No matter how pompous I was, they wouldn't listen"
Lee "I don't know how the captain stands it"

Looking for a hole in the wall bar
Emily "It's the space Pink" (The Pink is a dive bar in the Allentown district of Buffalo, NY)
Lee "The Spink"

Wondering what's in Niska's cargo canister
"Maybe it's foodstuffs for orphans"
Matt "Or orphans as foodstuffs…"

Talking about Windsor's loan and wondering if it really came from Niska in the first place
Jim "I didn't get my loan from someone with the last name Hutt, did I?"

Naomi and Ruan are making out
Emily "Should I make an Agility + Gymnastics with my bonus while making out?"
Raleigh "Should I make a Dodge roll?"

Matt "Now you're thinking with plot points"

There was a discussion about how captains find cargoes and list their ship's availability on the Cortex. Emily recalled that when she worked for Microsoft, they made a job finder website for the Freightliner trucking company called "Loadfinder". There was a lot of off color commentary about finding loads, dropping your load, etc…

Naomi has Things Don't Go Smooth (Major), but when ever Raleigh re-rolls, his next roll is only one point less
Emily "It's Things Go Exactly The Same"

Ruan is trying to talk to the Folsom survivor Lin Barnes, but he's drunk and leaves the restaurant
Emily "So he pulls out sloppy and Plan B fails?"
Jim had to call a stop to get his laughing under control, Plan B is a brand name for the "morning after" pill.
Ruan then Reads his mind
Raleigh "Losing my virginity made me psychic!"

Talking about contract rules for Ronnie's assassins' guild
Matt "Theft of services is a very big deal in the assassins' guild"