Dashwood's Contacts

British Merchant- Rupert Jordan is the martian representative in Gorovaan for Avery and Sons, a prestigious import/export firm based in Manchester, England. He handles a great deal of business for cargoes coming to and from Mars.

British Officer Lieutenant Lord Eric Thomas-White- Lord Thomas-White is from a noble family with a history of exemplary service to the crown, but they have fallen into hard financial times. He is hoping that he can tap some of the fabulous treasures to be found on Mars and restore his family fortunes. Currently stationed in Meepsoor.

The Edison Society- a private club in Parhoon, it caters to visiting Earth scientists and inventors.

Explorer Hans Delbruck- Hans is a man who typifies the Victorian period explorer. He cut his teeth on the sands of the Sahara desert, then came to Mars to explore the Meroe Badlands. He is rumored to be the only Earthman to cross from Parhoon to Dioscuria by ground.