Dante is a moon of the gas giant Fury in Blue Sun and the site of Mr. Universe's hideout. In any open listing, it is marked as off limits to travel, due to the unplanned formation of an incredible magnetic belt during the terraforming process. Dante is habitable.

Dante was originally the site of a radio/gravitonic observatory, set up to listen for transmissions from Earth-That-Was. It was placed in Blue Sun because at that time the system's orbit put it on the side of the 'Verse closest to Earth. Eventually, terraforming was started on the moon, but a miscalculation led to the creation of a powerful ion cloud in the planet's magnetic field and terraforming efforts were halted. At some point, the facility was ordered closed and mothballed. (Dante Reconnaisance)
It is possible that terraforming may be continued in the future, possibly after the ion storm ends.