(Based on the Merc:2000 adventure "Damsel" published in Challenge magazine)


The crew lands on Beaumonde with cargo from Gonghe and looks for a new job. They get a small job hauling a load across system to Zephyr.
Wilks has been working on his hovercar and gets it running on the trip to Beaumonde. He takes it for a test drive, then allows Lennon to try it. Lennon has a minor accident and cracks up both the skiff and himself.

Bound By Law

The Yellow Submarine lands at Levittown on the world Zephyr and is almost immediately arrested by the local Alliance troops under suspicion of drug smuggling. The crew is cuffed and taken to an interrogation cell to be questioned by the Alliance representative, Magistrate Hofmeyer. He apologizes for the deception, but explains that most of his men are corrupt and in the pay of one of the local land owners, "Big Daddy" Holbrook. Holbrook regards the area as his own personal territory and extorts protection money from the people. Hofmeyer was sent here to clean up the corruption, but Holbrook has kidnapped his 12 year old daughter as leverage. Hofmeyer offers to pay the crew to rescue her and he will be indebted to them. The crew accepts.


They begin a two part probe, Saxon goes to the local gambling saloon and makes a spectacle, others talk to the townspeople. Lennon makes the acquaintance of the local doctor, Liz Hammerstein and catches her eye. Wilks talks some locals into a Fish game. Lured by the out of town gambler, Holbrook and some thugs show up for a game with Saxon. Wilks recons his country estate.

The next night, Saxon plays cards with Holbrook again while Jackson and Holbrook's two thugs watch. Sata flies out to Holbrook's estate in the shuttle and drops off Wilks who sneaks into the estate to provide cover fire. Sata lands the shuttle behind the manor house and he, Lennon and Archibald storm the house to rescue Lisa. Capt'n Sata demonstrates again that he is an Angel of Death with a submachinegun. Lisa is rescued while Wilks shoots up the estate's vehicles to keep the guards away.


While peering through his sniper scope, Wilks has a flashback and realizes where's he's seen the mystery man on Boros with the flip lighter. It was during the war, through his sniperscope, he was a hated Alliance officer whose unit was renowned for taking no POWs alive. They called him "The Butcher". But he was supposed to have been killed in action. Could it be the same man?

Winner Takes All

Back in town, Saxon cleans out Holbrook for all his cash, then his luxury SUV, then taunts him to bet more and takes him for his prize race horse as well. Saxon openly gloats at Holbrook who snaps and draws his pistol, but Saxon is an even better duellist than he is a gambler and beats Holbrook to the draw. Before Holbrook's men can attack, Jackson goes for a weapon of last resort and throws a stun grenade across the saloon. The flashbang knocks out the two thugs and Saxon and shatters the windows. Jackson carries Saxon to Holbrook's SUV and they drive out of town and up the cargo ramp as the shuttle comes flying in. Lisa is returned to her father, the crew is paid and they fly off into the sunset.