AD&D Assets And Complications

I want to adapt the Assets and Complications from the Cortex system for D&D, mainly as a way to reward players for coming up with good character backstories, since other ideas for rewards have not seemed good enough. I would like two paragraphs of back story, you can buy an asset per paragraph. Or, you can take a complication to buy an asset.

Some ideas are
Talented fighter: choose one weapon, you have additional +1 to hit
Jack of all Trades: one extra non-weapon proficiency
Sharp eyes, nose, ears, etc: bonus for perception checks for that sense
Hard Target: +1 to AC when dodging ranged attacks
Lightning Reflexes: additional -1 Initiative bonus
Tough as Nails: additional +1 HP per level
Switch hitter: use either hand, but normal penalties for dual wielding
Animal friend: double charisma bonus for animals' reaction to you
Born in the saddle: use the riding specialization rules from the Arabic sourcebook

For complications, I am thinking about the traditional ones like Crude, Greedy, Wisecracker, Memorable, Phobia, Allergy, Hooked, Deadly Enemy, Credo, Prejudice, etc.