(Played by Mike)
Cyrus Talmay is a tall man with a long beard. His thin build and sullen face makes it hard to believe he's only 28.Years of having his nose in his book he's developed that beard and the need for eyeglasses. He started off his career as a psychologist but found that he was not satisfied. Customers more often went to clergy or conspicuous mages, than to confide in him and take advice. So he left his hometown of Borde Hill for Sardin where he found himself working at a large Library. His boss was a man named Mordecai - the head Librarian. He was an old gentleman whom was very intelligent, but strangely quiet (even for a librarian). The two got along well and over time Mordecai gained considerable trust in Cyrus. Mordecai shared his private library. It was hidden behind a bookshelf and behind a tapestry in the hidden wing the shelf revealed. Rare books were kept there. The library was part of an under-ground network of libraries. The secret organization was known as the Elucidate Mystics. Cyrus desired to join E.M. and join them he did.

Ten months after Cyrus began his training….an unfortunate event occurred. Cyrus was eating lunch at his favorite stand a few blocks away when he sensed a strong overbearing feeling. Looking up he saw a black pillar of smoke billowing up from where the library was. Running through the streets he made his way to the site. He made it just in time to see the heart wrenching collapse of the whole place. Once again feeling the strong feeling it drew his attention to two figures whisking away into an alleyway. Running after them he was hit with wave of mental energy that threw him to his feet.

Coming to he realized he was still in the alleyway, but deeper and out of perception of passerbys. Mordecai was gagged and bound to a casket lid. One of the figures drew back it's hood revealing it's octopus like head and salivating tendrils. It seemed to grin, despite the fact that if the creature had a mouth it was hidden by the tendrils. "Had this scene been less dire and threatening it would be fascinating. I watched as it's face bound digits caressed and gleaned the hair off the distressed wiseman like a razor shave." Mordecai was killed and consumed by Illithids and from there they dumped Cyrus in the dumpster while flipping the lid on the casket sealing the head librarian within. The basement was destroyed as well.

Frightened and paranoid Cyrus felt that he needed to continue his training but he could not safely stay here. The horrid creatures, the illithids were only vague tales from old books, had taken his teacher's life and would surely know everything about Mordecai's experiences with Cyrus. He firmly decided to join up with a group that looked strong and completely eager to explore.

The only book that survived the blaze from Mordecai's private collection was a basic psychic exercise book that he had been reading at his apartment. Cyrus believes he will encounter more members of E.M. if he looks along the way. For now the exercises he did and practicing the skills he knows will suffice.

Note: The symbol of Elucidate Mystics [synonymous with a mages guild but underground and scattered] is the raven holding a white ink quill.