Custom High Velocity Liquid Propellant Pistol

This was designed using the New Tech system in the Serenity rules. It is a NTx10 pistol. But since it is a completely custom design, the price is doubled.
Compact Pistol d12w damage, 75 feet range, 2(10) RoF (mag) 2kg. 360 Alliance credits for Serenity or 90,000 woolongs for Cowboy Bebop.

The pistol is a compact, short barrelled design intended for concealment. The liquid propellant system gives it a very high muzzle velocity, combined with custom armor piercing high explosive (APHE) rounds, to deliver frightening damage in such a small weapon (damage drops to d10 with solid slugs). Ammunition is 4 credits (1,000 woolongs) for ten shots, solid slugs are 1.6 credits (400 woolongs) for ten. The magazine contains ten projectiles plus a pressurized cylinder of propellant. The range and magazine are less than expected due to its compact size. A full size version would have at least a 100 foot range increment and 30 rounds.