(GM's note- this is the sample adventure included in the rules preview)

Lee- Earther Pilot Nico Velez
Michael- Martian Techie Addison "Addy" Grant
Mike- Martian Soldier Casey Khatri

The crew of the light freighter Sommelier is bound for Ganymede to deliver a cargo. They receive a recorded message from Theo Dardanus, owner of the Almathea Ambrosals company, a major importer of luxury food items based on Titan. His message says that his son, Kai, disappeared almost a year ago after his eighteenth birthday. A few days ago, Kai's access code was used to reroute a company shipment on Ganymede. Theo wants the crew to find Kai and return him to Titan, whether he wants to or not. If the crew can recover Kai safely, Theo will reward them well. If they refuse or fail, he will blackball them as shippers and their careers are over. His transmission includes details about Kai.
The Sommelier lands at Ganymede and unloads her cargo. Nico and Addy go to one bar, Casey goes to a gay bar. Asking questions of the locals, they think Kai might be associated with a brothel named La Cage. They head there and arrive before dinner. Addy and Nico hire prostitutes and go to their rooms while Casey socializes in the brothel's bar. They learn that Kai was a prostitute there and ending up developing a relationship with his regular client, an older man named Orn Aquilo, and quit the brothel to move in with him. But, last week Kai showed up at one of the girls' apartments looking to lie low. He mentioned he had a plan to get off Ganymede. She heard Kai make an appointment with someone and mention "57D" but she doesn't know what it means. Kai's lover Orn is a mobster crime boss…
Comparing notes, the crew decides 57D is a cargo storage locker at the port. They find the locker, a secured room about four meters by ten, and bypass the lock. There are several shipping crates with the Almathea Ambrosals logo and descriptions like "perishable" and "vacuum sealed for freshness". They open a container and find fine wine and liquor from Earth. While examing the shipment, the door shuts and seals. The doorpad display shows scrolling random numbers then goes all blank. And the room's air pumps come on and start depressurizing the chamber…
Addy works on the lock and is able to get the doors open as the air begins to thin. They escape and hang out in the corridor catching their breath. Before they leave, four belter thugs with OPA tattoos approach them. The crew talks to them, they work for the local OPA leader, Parvati Moneta. The crew decides to try to bargain with her and willingly go with the thugs to meet her. The thugs lead them to an elevator and descends to the bottom level of Ganymede's tunnels, the walls are only partially covered with raw ice exposed. The thugs take them to a room guarded by more OPA belters and Moneta comes to meet them. They explain they are looking for Kai, she agrees to help for half of their reward from his father. Addy bargains her down to 20% and she can keep the shipment in 57D as a down payment. She agrees and talks to someone on her hand terminal, two more thugs bring in Kai. He is dishelved, a little bruised and handcuffed, wearing four day old clothes. Moneta turns him over to the crew and Casey handcuffs Kai to her wrist and they head back to port.
Heading down the corridor to the port, they are stopped by four Inner world thugs. Kai recognizes them as Orn's men. They demand the crew surrender Kai to them and guns are drawn when they refuse. The crew shoots it out with Orn's men and drop them, and rush to get to their ship and get offworld with Kai. They depart Ganymede for Titan with their reluctant passenger.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
The crew has been hired to find the runaway heir of a wealthy merchant family
Lee "He's in a shower, covered in spores"
Mike "Nothing says happy birthday like the protomolecule"

Mike is playing Casey as a flamboyantly bisexual transgender
Mike "I'm straight Navajo, emphasis on ho"

Disussing the Texan accent prevalent on Mars and Mike is trying to do a Texan drag queen voice
Lee "Two things come from Texas; steers and queers and I don't see any horns on your head"

The money rules are totally abstract, you have to make an Income roll to be able to afford something
Mike "I tip him one Income"
Lee "Sounds like a bad movie about aliens pretending to be humans; 'I would like to purchase this, I have one of your Incomes' "

The brothel is middle of the road, not a low dockworker's place or a fancy high society whorehouse
Lee "Its the Olive Garden of brothels; you could bring your family here"

Michael's character keeps asking about the age of NPCs and looking for younger people who might know Kai, Mike makes him sound like a pedophile
Michael "I'm not R. Kelly, okay?"
Jim "I've been thinking that all along, but didn't want to say it"

Handing in stunt points after the brothel scene
Mike "I was going to do one more thing"
Lee "One more hooker"

Michael's martian doesn't like skinny belter girls, he likes Earth girls
Jim "Maybe he's a throwback"
Lee "He's a chubby chaser"