Cult of Madness

Jim's first D&D 5E campaign. We're going to start with some basic adventures and then introduce the story line.

House Rules and Setting Notes

Players and Characters
Brittany- Female Human Druid Raidne Seraphi
Jack- Male Dwarven Tempest Cleric Giovane Alba
Nick- Half-Elf Bard Pancho Voila
Sam- Human War Cleric Harper Sparrow
Stacy- Halfling Rogue Hudora Took

Female High Elf Wizard Anna Platano

It Began in a Tavern
Orc Ruins
Enter the Warlocks
Trouble on the Road

Magic Items
Illesen's Shield
Hatred's Bite
Wand of Scorching Rays
Staff of Striking
Bracers of Defense

Campaign Setting "Aarenis"

The campaign world I have used for many years, Aarenis, is "home-written". In other words, it's a plagiarized patchwork with bits stolen from:
Elizabeth Moon's "Deeds of Paksenarrion" series (primary source of name, deities, culture and geography)
Glen Cook's "The Black Company" series and "The Tower of Fear" novel
Brian Daley's "Coramonde" series
Lois McMaster Bujold's "The Curse of Chalion"
Michael Moorcock's "Fortress of the Pearl" novel
The AD&D 2nd edition Al-Qadim Arabian Adventures Sourcebook
AD&D 1st edition and 3rd edition Oriental Adventures Sourcebooks
D&D d20/Legend of the Five Rings "Rokugan" books
Gods of Aarenis
Map of Aarenis
Geography of Aarenis
Aarenis Months and Holidays
Wizard Guilds
Assassin and Thieves Guilds
Druid Wild Shape