Crystals From Aberdeen

(Based on the Classic Traveller adventure "Crystals from Dinom" from the Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society magazine, written by Traveller creator Marc W. Miller)

Crew of the Better Days
Captain Hua Li, former Browncoat spy- Konrad
Pilot Rex, former Blackjack- Michael
Medic Alyssa, former Browncoat combat medic- Christopher
Mechanic Marcus- Jeremy
Cook Al- Matt
Merc Stewie- NPC

The Jo Lynn class freighter, the Better Days, has returned to Beaumonde with a cargo and is now looking for work. Alex is contacted by Mr. Chapman, one of his old bosses in the Syndicate and told to bring Captain Hua to a meeting at a local restaurant, Chapman is calling in the first part of their marker. With Alex's advice, Captain Hua buys a bottle of expensive wine as a gift. They arrive at the restaurant, unaware Alyssa has followed them. They are shown to a private room and she goes to the bar. Mr Chapman is a short asian man, despite his name, and orders them dinner and engages in small talk, teasing Alex with his old street name "Roly". After dinner, Chapman explains that there has been a worker's revolt on Aberdeen. This is causing an increase in cost for certain materials produced by the mines, including crystals used in cortex units. He wants to cash in on rising prices and is sending the Better Days to steal a stockpile of the crystals. They will need to run the Alliance blockade, land at the dome city of Medianne, find out where the crystals are, retrieve them and escape the blockade. He gives them a holoplayer with a data chip containing the information they have. Captain Hua agrees and returns to the ship. Rex is forted up on the bridge expecting trouble, Marcus and Stewie are out drinking. Alyssa comes back after they return.
The next day they have a long planning session. Since the Alliance is trying to starve out the worker's by cutting their shipments of food and supplies, they decide to smuggle in some food and water to bribe the workers with. Marcus builds a crybaby decoy. They head off to Aberdeen and watch the patrols, then set up the crybaby and use the distraction to get past the blockade. They land near the city but Rex puts them down hard and the forward cargo bay springs a leak. Captain Hua puts Marcus and Rex on the job, tells Stewie to guard the ship and he, Alex and Alyssa head for the city with some of the food. The airlock guards are lax, the crew is obviously not Alliance, and send them to meet a Mr. Thorson, who is on the local workers' council. Captain Hua is up front with him that they ran the blockade to steal resources from the company that they are rebelling against. He has food and water he will trade for information and offers to carry four of their people back to Beaumonde to help raise support. Thorson is reluctant, since the crystals are worth a least 20 times what the food and supplies are worth, but agrees that they aren't money in his pocket and they make a deal. The workers provide flatbed versions of the local mining crawlers to carry the crated crystals to the ship and retrieve the supplies. They take on the four passengers and make a run out past the blockade. Rex calls on his war experience and easily (he rolled an 18 on his d10+d8) evades pursuit. They return to Beaumonde, discharge their passengers and deliver the cargo to the syndicate.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Jeremy "The more systems I play, the less I like D20"

Konrad's character sneaks up on the cook, because his character likes to surprise the crew:
Matt "Aaah! Don't do that! I'm fat, I could have a heart attack and you'd be out a cook!"
Jim "There's goulash on the ceiling"
Matt "You see this? That's how you get ants"

Konrad's captain is questioning Matt's former syndicate character about where the replacement engine came from and Matt is really pushing the New Jersey Italian accent:
Jim "I feel like I'm watching The Sopranos"

Matt rolls a 20 for his cooking skill:
Matt "That's a Heroic piece of chicken"

Describing how Matt's Portly character looks in a space suit:
Jim "<Alex> looks like a blimp"
Konrad "You're the Michelin Man!"

Getting ready to run the blockade:
Michael "Everyone strap in"
Matt "Why, are we landing again?"