Crydee Travelers

The characters are travelling the coastal trade road between Carse and Jonril. They hear sounds of battle ahead of them which trail off with a few dying screams. They continue forward and find a noble's coach being ransacked by dark elves, some guards are dead and there are two nobles tied up. The party attacks and kills the dark elves and frees their prisoners. Gala is seriously hurt and Jace heals her. The nobles introduce themselves as Lord Garin Andreu of Zun and his wife, Lady Andelise, they beg the characters to rescue their traveling companion and the lady's maid and a guard who were taken by the dark elves into the woods. Lord Garin promises them a large reward and the party heads into the woods. Jace makes an inspiring speech to give them courage for the coming battle. Zinnius and Raaha track the raiders. They find the raiders' camp and see that the three prisoners are tied up under guard. The party attacks and some of the moredhel fight them, but two begin killing the prisoners, starting with the maid and guard. Flynn and Jace rush the camp and Flynn unties the young noble so he can flee, but he grabs a bow from a dead moredhel and joins the fight. Jace casts Spare the Dying on the maid and guard while dodging attacks from a dark elf. Gala, Zinnius and Raaha shoot down the moredhel with spells and arrows while Flynn, and Jace go hand to hand. The dark elves are slain and they search the bodies, then help the victims back toward the road. Jace realizes the young man is Lord Fedric, the son of the Duke of Crydee who is related to the king of the Kingdom of the Isles.
They make it to the road and return to the carriage, which has been found by mounted patrol of guardsmen. They are taken to Jonril and rewarded with 300 gold each for rescuing the prisoners. Lord Garin hires them as guards to travel with them the rest of the way to Port Natal where they should be able to find work.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
From the character building session:
Brittany "We should play a group of all dwarf bards so we can be a rock band"
Jack "We should play a group of warforged bards so we can be a metal band"

Looking at Zinnius' character traits; "If I dishonor myself, I dishonor my entire family"
Jim "Dishonor on you, dishonor on your family…"

Gala is preparing a spell and someone tells Jack to release chaos
Jack "I prefer to think of it as controlled destruction"

Jace hits a moredhel with Burning Hands
Jack "Disco inferno him"
Brittany "Can that be our team name?"

Nick rolls a 1 for Flynn's Survival skill
Jack "Trees scary"

Making Captain America jokes about Flynn throwing his shield
Jack "This shield won't come back when you throw it"
Jim "That depends on how hard he bounces it off the other guy's head"
Stacy "I was looking at the map for place names and came up with Captain Dimwood"

Discussing that wood elves are thin from poor diet and dark elves are even more gaunt
Brittany "For just two dollars a month, you can feed a dark elf"
Stacy "We need to redistribute the wealth"
Jim "Occupy Elvandar?"

Flynn has used up all of his rages for the day
Brittany <sings> "Despite all my rage…"