Criminal Organizations In The Verse

There are a variety of criminal organizations in the 'Verse. There are pirate and slaver rings that operate on the Rim, but the settled worlds are the turf of local gangs, Syndicates and Tongs.

Local gangs are small groups like Badger's in the TV show. They may answer to a larger organization or remain independent as long as they don't bother anyone else's territory.

Tongs are descendants of Chinese organized crime or Triads. They are prevalent on asian majority worlds like Sihnon, Gonghe, Liann Jiun and Santo and do have a decent presence on Persephone. Major tongs are the Jo Long Bong (9 Dragons) Shing Moh (Heart Star), Tieh Shing (Iron Heart) and Hong Hu (Red Tiger).

The Syndicates are descended from western style organized crime, such as the mafia. They are more commonly found on Londinium, Ariel, Bernadette, Beaumonde, Boros, Ezra and worlds in the Red Sun system. Adelai Niska from the TV show is a Syndicate boss.