Crew of the HMS Menace

Officers and NCO's

Captain Edmund Harper (played by Konrad)
First Officer Commander Lopkan (Karkarham)
Helmsman Petty Officer David Colton
Trimsman Petty Officer Ranzix (Parhoon)
Chief Gunner Petty Officer Timothy MacCraig (played by Raleigh)
Marine Officers Lt. Cyrus Poe, Lt. Zardan (Syrtis Major)

Enlisted Crew

Topmen- Three Martians
Deckhands- Three Martians
Gunners- Five Humans
Marines- Six Humans, Four Martians. Normally, the ship would carry four more marines, but those berths are being filled by Escobedo, Reddington, Dashwood and Father Lars temporarily.

In addition, Harper has two personal servants; his manservant, Roger Hobson and his cook, Raimond Navarro, a haitian/creole from New Orleans.