Cragmaw Castle

Dragonborn Warlock Shawunax- Chris
Tiefling Sorceror Iados- Emily
Human Paladin Sir Conlan- Jim
Half-elf Archer Nuala- JoAnne
Tiefling Cleric Skamos- Kevin
Wood Elf Ranger Borean- Michael
Kobold Rogue Mixtli- Raleigh
Wood Elf Druid Theren- Callum

Map of Region

The party returns to Phandalin with the captured traitor, the wizard Glasstaff. They turn him over to Sildar for arrest and decide what to do next. Sildar's partner, Gundren, is still missing and he has the map, so they decide to go looking for him. Sildar believes he may be held at the ruins of Cragmaw castle, but is not sure where it is. He directs them to visit the local shrine of the goddess Tymora and asks the priestess. The priestess has information that will help, but she needs a job done and will pay the party with healing potions. She is looking for a lost book of magic and believes the banshee in the woods near the abandoned town Conyberry has information about it. She asks the party to travel to offer the banshee a gift, a jeweled comb, and get information. The party agrees, but Sir Conlan will not deal with the banshee, so Shawunax and Iados will do the negotiating. Since the castle ruins and Conyberry are in the same direction, the party gets provisions and horses from Sildar and rides out. They arrive and talk to the banshee who says she sold the book long ago to a necromancer. The party leaves her and journeys to the castle ruins.
Approaching the castle gates, they are fired upon by archers and they rush inside the ruins. In the entrance hall, goblins attack from one side and hobgoblins from the other. Theren turns into a squirrel and climbs through the ruins and attacks two goblin archers who were attacking the party. After fighting the first wave, they move deeper into the ruins and find goblins praying at an altar to their evil god and slay them. Mixtli steals the gold altar vessels. In the next room, a foul beast leaps from above to attack Nuala. Its a slug like creature, but its head splits into four tentacles surrounding a beaked mouth. The party attacks it to save the archer and kills it. The next room has more goblins that are defeated. One door has sounds coming from it, something heavy moving. Behind a curtain, the party hears an argument. They go in and find a bugbear with a wolf companion arguing with a female drow, the missing dwarf lies beaten on the floor. The party attacks, Nuala and Sir Conlan engage the drow, Theren in tiger form attacks the bugbear while Borean fires arrows at him. Skamos, Iados and Shawunax cast spells. Mixtli crawls under a table and sneaks across to check the dwarf, then attacks the bugbear. The party kills the bugbear and wolf and the drow surrenders. She is tied up, but suddenly escapes her bonds, she is really a doppleganger and she attacks and they are forced to kill it. Skamos heals the dwarf, he is indeed Gundren. They search the room and recover his map and take what loot they can and escape from the ruins to return to Phandelin

DMs Note (Lee): While I did DM back in the day, this marks only my second attempt to DM to other adults in this millennium. I think it went OK, but there were definitely some sticking points, such as my crappy, on the fly map drawing, completely unsuccessful attempts to steer the party into the encounter map that I drew (accurately) ahead of time, and the fact that I kept calling the doppleganger disguised as a Drow "the Doppleganger". A learning experience for all…

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Michael's character name is "Borean"
Chris "Boring"
Jim "Sounds Swedish"

Michael "I can't wear chain mail"
Lee "Well, then don't"

The priestess will help, but needs a job done for her first
Jim "Side quest…"

Picking horses
Kevin "If you roll a 1, you're trying to saddle a cat"

Raleigh "I only steal stuff that doesn't belong to me"

Raleigh was providing music
Emily "This is weird music, its like the end of a corporate training video"
(Mass laughter)
Lee "Thank you for your journey through loss prevention"

Emily looks at the room Lee has just drawn and sees a robot face
Emily "Is this the happy but confused robot map?"

The altar has been desecrated and used to worship an evil goblin god
Lee "Its been re-purposed"

The castle map was oddly designed and Lee's drawing on the battlemat did not improve it
Callum "Worst. Castle. Ever."

The druid shape shifts into a tiger to attack
Kevin "Suddenly, tiger"

Kevin "I cast Bane"
Jim (puts his hand over his mouth) "Mumble, mumble, grr"

The druid in tiger form attacks the enemies; a drow, bugbear and wolf
Emily "You can attack the wolf and fight mammal a mammal"

Checking the unconscious dwarf, someone asks if its the right person
Kevin "The dwarf is in another castle"