Cowboy Bebop

I had been running a series of delves based on the excellent anime series Cowboy Bebop using the Cortex/Serenity system. It became a little campaign on its own, so I gave it a page. The Real Folk Blues and Cowboy Bebop wiki websites have been my main source of information about the setting.

Hot Pursuit
Rendezvous on Mars

"Campaign" Adventures
Boarding Party
What Happens in New Vegas...
Shell Game
Venus Concerto Foxtrot
GERIA Transfer
Stacked Deck

Ex-Cop: "Duke",as in "the Duke abides". Played by Konrad
Ex-Prizefighter: Quincy "The Brick" Malone. Played by Matt
Ex- Soldier: "Boomer". Played by Michael
Ex- Space Racer "Dirty Dan". Played by Ryan

The Capriccio Vivace

Ship Design
Things don't go Smooth