(GM's note- Based on the Couriers adventure seed form the Flashpoint: Brak Sector campaign book)

Imperial Entanglements
The team arrives on Bacrana after a difficult voyage and head to the city of Amma to meet the local Rebel cell. The cell is running a local business as a cover and the team arrives under the alias of visiting business reps and meet with the cell leader in a secured conference room. The cell leader explains that he sent two of his cell to bring in the local operative that is under suspicion. He believes the man is innocent, but knows that he might have been turned. While they are talking, the two local agents return with bad news; the suspected man has been arrested.
The team decides they need to retrieve him. If he was really arrested, that increases the odds he is innocent and must be recovered before he can be interrogated. Hack slices into the local network and finds the operative's arrest record and his location in a local police precinct's office in a government building. He forges a prisoner transfer request. The local cell can provide uniforms, blaster pistols and carbines and a repulsorlift van. The team is taken to the local cell's warehouse to get equipment. While the cell puts Imperial markings on the van, Zaonderh hits the underworld for forgery supplies. Hack makes up fake IDs for himself, C'athall and Varek. Leelan will drive the van with Zaonderh. The team flies to the office building, Hack's beautifully executed forgeries and the team's cool demeanor get them in and out with no problem. They return to the locals' warehouse and make plans to get off world. The operative is totally cooperative and willing to return to Oracle base. After the purchase of some disguise materials and making another fake ID, the team presents themselves to customs for the trip home. Varek has a little trouble passing through, but with the ecllent fake IDs they were provided by Rebel Intelligence, he is able to make it. The team returns to Genesia for pick up and transport back to Oracle base.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
(GM's note- we started late and were quite unfocused on the game, so I didn't record as much as I usually do)
Discussing the fake company name the Bacrana cell is using
Lee "Re Bell Industries"

Bacrana is primarily human, the non-human minority is a very statiscally small percentage
Kevin "It's like Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, they dissolve them. 'Put them in the barrel!' "

Discussing what to do with the non-human PCs during the jail break
Lee "They can be fake prisoners"
Kevin "We can pull the Chewbacca Maneuver, these are planetary <security> guys, they won't know the Chewbacca Gambit"