Country Necro

Players and Characters
Callum- Wild Elf Ranger Varis
Kevin- Eladrin Rogue Felix
Lee- Tabaxi Barbarian Mist
Mike- Drow Wild Mage Sorceror Gi'deon

The party is in the town of Uluvin when a group of undead attack. The adventurers rally to defeat them, then a group of more powerful undead attack a house and try to search it. They destroy these undead as well and examine the house which belongs to a local sage who is off in Waterdeep. Some of the undead are fresh, others are decades old skeletons with corroded weapons and rotten armor. The locals say there is an old battleground with mass graves nearby. the party goes to the battlefield and finds bodies have been dug up and tracks lead away to the west. They follow and find undead hiding in some caves by the river. As they work their way through the undead, they are attacked from behind by a female half-tiefling necromancer sorceress. The adventurers manage to kill her and the rest of the undead. She has a letter telling her to kidnap the sage because her father needs his knowledge to try to resurrect her dead mother. The father's name signed on the bottom is that of a famous necromancer priest.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Lee's character is a Tabaxi cat-person and Callum's ranger has a mountain lion companion
Jim "Don't start grooming each other"

Discussing watch schedule, Lee's character is injured and needs to rest
Mike "I can watch over Lee while he sleeps, as creepy as that sounds."

Starting out the next day
Lee "I wake up and strap shoes on my feet"