Country Necro

After leaving the ruins of the ancient wizard school, the party decides to visit the city of Verella, capital of Tsaia. They use the stop as an opportunity to get some supplies, Anna buys new spells. Hudora and Eroe try shopping for magic items and Hudora is entranced by a flying carpet, but at an asking price of 5,000 gold, it is way too much. Once they have rested, they decide where to go next and both Harper and Raidne immediately answer "South". They don't know why, but feel it might be divine guidance. the party departs Verella and after a week's travel ends up in the town of Eveningstar. There are temples to Tyr, the High Lord and Torre in town and everyone in town feels a little on edge. The town guard decides to step up patrols and the party splits up to join them on watches. In the middle of the night, a patrol on the south side of town runs into something and the party rushes to help. They arrive to find a group of skeletons mauling the guardsmen and pitch in. The battle is short and the adventurers help the wounded guardsmen. Another fight breaks out on the other side of town. When the party arrives, the local priests and some militia have killed two ogre zombies that were trying to break into the home of a local celebrity, a sage named Jamas who is an expert on resurrection. Examining the undead, the ogres are recently killed, Harper thinks maybe a week or so. But the skeletons are very old, decades at least, maybe more than a century. The townspeople say there's an old battleground a few hours ride from town, many of the fallen were buried in mass graves.
The next morning, the adventurers head to the old battleground. There they find that more than a dozen bodies were dug up. Skeleton tracks lead away from the battleground along with other tracks, including a horse and ogres. The tracks lead to the river that flows through Eveningstar and a group of water carved cave entrances. The party moves in to search and is attacked by a group of skeletons and ghouls. Anna burns most of them with the acid from a Vitriolic Sphere spell and Raidne strikes with a Moonbeam spell. Harper and Eroe attack with swords and Pancho fires his crossbow and Hudora snipes with Firebolt. Deeper in the caves, another wave of undead attacks, more skeletons led by a zombie bear. Anna and Raidne fight skeletons while Eroe kills the zombear with help from Harper.
The necromancer behind these creatures must be inside and they turn right at a fork in the caves. More skeletons and another zombear stop the party at a tight spot in the cave. Hudora and Eroe kill the bear, Harper turns undead and destroys them, then more undead, a ghoul and two wights come in. Pancho tries Enemies Abound and fails. But the necromancer has come up behind the party invisible and hits them with a Circle of Death. Anna uses Lightning Bolt, however the necromancer dodges the worst of it. Harper hits her with Guiding Bolt. Eroe, Hudora and Raidne fight the undead, Harper summons Spirit Guardians which help finish the undead. The necromancer Misty Steps up to the party and hits them with a Swordburst cantrip. Anna replies with Agannazar's Scorcher and the necromancer smashes them with an overcharged Thunderwave, knocking Anna out. Hudora Misty Steps away, then uses a Magic Missile from her Robe of Stars. Harper shouts a Mass Healing Word, waking Anna up. Pancho hits the enemy with his rapier charged with Psychic Blades and Eroe finishes her. While Hudora is hiding around the bend, the zombie horse tries to attack her. Hudora kills it with help from Anna and Raidne.
Searching the necromancer, they find she is part demon, she may be a sorcerer. She has a Cloak of Invisibilty and a letter addressed to "Elean". It says the attempt to use the fruit from the druid's tree failed to revive her mother. It directs her to find the sage Jamas and bring him to the letter's writer. It is signed "Anthol". Pancho and Harper recognize the name as a famous high priest of Nerull… Raidne realizes this is part of the plot that destroyed the sacred tree she was a guardian of and she has a seedling from that she is keeping safe and secret.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
JoAnne has been listening to Jim scheme all week and stopped in at the beginning of the game
JoAnne "You guys are screwed!!"

Hudora rolls poorly for bargaining with the alchemist
Jack "She persuades herself to leave"

Eroe is looking for combat improving spells or potions and Stacy turns it into looking for male enhancement products

Did the necromancer animate a dead horse?
Stacy "Let's not beat a dead horse"