Countdown: The Infiltrator

(Countdown is the new campaign plot, since previously the adventures were only loosely connected. It steals heavily from the second half of The Dresden Files novels, especially the vampire character Paolo Ortega. This adventure is totally inspired by

June 23rd 2012
Team Members: Algren, Bill, Frank, Hector, Lenox, Maaria, Xander

The characters are at BPRD headquarters between missions, working on various projects. Several of the characters see agent Max Steele enter the building and head for the storage areas carrying a briefcase. Xander spots Max leaving the secure storage area, he seems furtive and shifty. When he sees Xander, Max jumps as if startled, since Xander is obviously supernatural. When Xander approaches, he feels a magical energy and begins to question Max and intimidate him. Max draws a pistol and shoots Xander with a dart that puts him into a euphoric high. Maaria finds Xander and hits the alarm. The characters begin moving and Hector meets Max and also feels the mystic aura. While he is questioning him, security puts out an alert to detain Max. Max goes for his gun and misses Hector with another dart. Hector shoots him and Algren helps capture Max. Frank binds him and Bill escorts Max to the secure ward of the hospital. They begin investigating. Something in the briefcase is supernatural, Hector and Lenox take it to examine. They investigate Max's items and where he was. They find a clerk in the secure storage area unconscious from another dart and a book missing from the vaults: The secret Delgado Codex from the Mayan Codices. The book, a high speed digital camera and a leather box containing a magic obsidian knife and strips of skin are in Max's briefcase. The pistol is a pneumatic dart gun revolver, the darts are loaded with concentrated vampire venom. Pictures of the Codex were uploaded to an anonymous file sharing page. The agents begin calling to the FBI and NSA to have the website shutdown and Max's movements checked. Frank and Xander head to Max's apartment in Hartford to investigate.
Max goes through surgery and they check him out. Blood type, fingerprints, retina, DNA all check. The skin in the box is also Max's by DNA, it is however still alive, somehow maintained magically. His apartment is empty, seems to have been abandoned for a few days. Max has not been at the FBI office for a few days, which did not seem abnormal since he is detached to the BPRD. His calendar said he had tickets to go to Boston on Monday, but his toll records show he did not. He was at the FBI office on Monday.
Max is sleeping following surgery and is being watched when he begins to change. Height, hair and features change and he wakes up cursing in pain with a British accent. Lenox charms him with a spell song and learns he is Edgar W. Pierce, he was hired by a Paolo Ortega to steal the book. He last saw Max in a cheap hotel near Springfield, Massachusetts. The knife allows you to completely mimic someone by cutting off their skin and pressing it to your own. He was supposed to meet Ortega Sunday night at 10:30pm at a rest stop on the Mass. Turnpike near Worcester.
Now with names, they do more research. Paolo Ortega is a former Spanish conquistador and has been a vampire for almost 500 years. He has killed many monster hunters and is very powerful, sunlight does not affect him for example. Pierce comes up in Interpol files as a high level con-artist/thief. Maaria does a ritual and has a vision of Max, alive on a cheap folding cot, handcuffed to a radiator in what looks like an abandoned office.
The party begins plans to ambush Ortega at the rest stop. The team will pose as workers and travelers stopping there, FBI agents will join them. Lenox will use his charm spell to convince innocent drivers to pass the stop. Meanwhile, research continues. After one failed attempt, Maaria manages to summon and bind the spirit of an Amerindian spirit animal and bind it to find Max. The spirit eagle reports back in the middle of the night that Max is in an abandoned building north of Springfield. In the morning, the team loads up for vampire hunting and heads to the building. They spirit leads them to the building, sensitive members can feel something dark within. They find a rental van parked nearby.
Algren opens the locks on the building and they head inside. Algren, Hector and Bill sneak to the top floor and begin working down, Xander, Frank, Maaria and Lenox cause a distraction downstairs. They are attacked by three black jaguars, Maaria calls for help. The search team finds where Max is being held, Hector is attacked and run through by a vampire with a rapier. Bill shoots him off Hector with his assault rifle and Algren gives the vampire a coup de grace with a head shot. Max is freed and they head out of the building, the jaguars are killed, shifting form to young men of South American background. Once Max is safe, they search for clues and find the kidnappers had passports from Venezuela.
That night, they carry out the ambush for Ortega, but he does not show…

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Konrad "What do you take me for?"
Dave E "A D&D player"
Konrad "Owww…."
Niels "That depends on the edition."

Konrad "Don't roll it near the hole" (There are holes in the desks we use)
Emily "That's what she said."

Konrad "You have this energy about you."
Niels "That is the weakest pickup line ever."

Kevin "I don't want to say: 'Why are you magic?'"

Jim "The darts contain concentrated vampire venom."
Kevin "That sounds like a fun job. First you have to milk the vampire…"