Cortez class Special Operations Corvette
(Note- This is the Operative's ship from the movie Serenity, she is described in the Six-Shooters and Spaceships book. As per usual, her design is flawed with no missile launchers and other errors. In the book she is listed as the Victoria class, I wanted something more military sounding, since her stated purpose is the stealthy transport of special forces troops. I started with the stats from Six-Shooters and Spaceships and went from there. Her design is still somewhat poor, she has no defensive cannons like the Orca, but the Cortez is not intended to engage in stand up battle.)

80,000 ton Special Operations Corvette
Agi d6 Str d8 Vit d6 Ale d10 Int d10 Wil d6
Lifepoints: 14
Athletics d4 Covert d6/Stealth d10, Perception d4, Pilot d2

Speed Class: 5 Hard Burn: 9
Armor 4W
Fuel: 960 hours at SC5
Crew: 200
Passengers: 300 troops, 20 officers
Weapons: 6 5 ton missile launchers, 2 d12 Plasma cannons
Ammunition: 320 d10 Long range missiles, a mix of HE, Kinetic, Plasma, Decoy, Jammer and EMP warheads.
Gear: 6 100 ton Titan class Dropships, 200 1 man lifepods, 2 20 ton short range shuttles
Cargo: 8,360 tons
Annual maintenance: 720,000 cr/year

Complexity: 54 Extreme
Covert (M)
Overgunned (M*)
Fast Throttle (M)
Born to the Black (M)

The Cortez class Special Operations Corvette is intended to provide fast transport of elite special forces troops to trouble spots. They are often criticized as one of the most serious cases of military overspending in the Alliance, since what is basically a troop transport is the most expensive (per ton) vessel in the 'Verse. The Cortez has a heavy missile armament which can be used for surface bombardment and their dropships can deploy all her troops in a single wave.

*I gave the Cortez a 2 step bonus, making this a Major asset. I felt this was reasonable for what is probably the most advanced ship in the 'Verse. Note that these plasma guns are my modified stats ship weapons. They are base damage d6, but have a 3 step bonus as x10 Newtech weapons