This is just a list of major corporations in my Serenity 'Verse that I use for background and flavor descriptions.

Medical Equipment and Medicines

Dalian Medical Electronics Inc., Ariel Medical Equipment, Montoya Technologies, Da Dong Fong


Solon, Sterling, Garner, Shunji Motors, Shinjuku Heavy Industries


Herkimer, Ivanovich Yards, Munroe Heavy Industries, Lanier Star Industries, Kieran Yards, Lu Se Jiang, Iskellian Technology Solutions


Callahan, Iskellian Technology Solutions, Justice Arms, Marakov, Neotek, Ares Interplanetary, Red Star Industries, Shao Wu Inc.

Consumer goods

Blue Sun, Lexington, Yan & Short

Mining companies

Corone Mining, Alliance Prospecting Services

Shipping Companies

Tukera , Oberlindes Lines, Ariel Spaceways, Persephone Lines