After the awards ceremony at the new base, Leelan and Aurin are invited to a dining in with the Black Knives squadron. They are made honorary members of the squadron and presented with squadron flightsuits and spare patches to wear on their other uniforms. Zaonderh pays one of the armory techs to upgrade his blaster pistols for more damage. A week later the team is called to a conference with Commander Gion, the officers of the Black Knives Y-Wing and Green Demon X-Wing squadrons, the captain and XO of the corvette Bold Strike and a couple more freighter crews. Some of the information the team brought back from Bacrana is paying off, there is an Imperial convoy bound for the sector. Since they have the convoy's exact route, they will move a few asteroids into their way to cause some of the ships to drop from hyperspace. The corvette and fighters will take out any escorts that fall into the trap and disable the convoy's freighters. The Rebel freighter teams will board and loot the disabled ships and seize any if possible.
The ambush team jumps out to set up. The ateroid ploy is successful, several ships drop out of hyperspace and are attacked by the Rebels. The Shriek-Hawk is ordered to board an Iris class transport. Leelan asks Hack to find deck plans for the freighter. As they approach, Zaonderh opens fire, trying to destroy the guns facing their approach. Looking at the ship's layout, they decide not to go through the main airlock, but to grapple to the hull at the front of the cargo bay and cut their way in. Leelan cuts an opening and Varek and C'athal try to see what's inside the darkened cargo bay which is lit only by scattered emergency lights. They spot several hulking metallic shapes, maybe droids? C'athal fires twice at one of the figures, but the bolts ricochet from it. The figures move forward, they are Imperial space assault troopers! The party opens fire with little results, but Aurin nails one in the visor and drops it. The space troopers return fire and a grenade strikes Aurin and blows off her left arm. Overwhelmed, the party slams the hatch shut and release the grapples. Atmosphere venting from the hole shoves the Shriek-Hawk away. Varek runs to the bridge and brings up the ion cannons. The space troopers are cutting a wider hole so they can pursue the rebels, they have maneuvering thruster and proton grenade launchers that can damage the ship. Varek fires the ion cannon through the hole and disables all their suits. The team reboards the freighter and shoves the space troopers out the hole to drift away. They redock the Shriek-Hawk to the freighter's cargo hatch and begin plundering the ship, taking small arms, body armor, missiles, drums of bacta and a massive tank of Tibanna gas.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Kevin and Emily had a Star Wars branded fruit punch
Lee "Space Punch?"
Jim "Spunch"

Emily was talking about doing clinical reports and how she always misspells any thing with "-itis" as '-tits"
Emily "You can imagine how horrible that seems sometimes"
Lee "Necrotizing fascitits"

The sector's command staff was in the last ship of the rear guard to report in
Lee "Bang Bus 21: Rear Admirals"

Discussing team order for the boarding assault, C'athal and Varek are in the lead, Hack is towards the rear
Lee "These guys are professional murderers, I'm more of a recreational murderer"

Aurin is hit by a grenade and her arm is blown off.
Jim "Aurin will get an award, the Bleeding Bantha instead of a Purple Heart"
MC "Sounds like a bar name"
Lee "A real dive"
Emily "Like The Pink"
Later the team finds drums of bacta
Mike "Marinade MC in it"