Good Hunting
The team is called in to Commodore Tane's office. He explains to them that Republic Intelligence has gotten word of an illegal arms shipment moving through the Leritor system. He orders the team to take the Lavisar Courier and one or two Aethersprite fighters and head to the system. They are to carry out sensor inspections of all ships passing through the system and when the smuggler is discovered, board and capture them. To assist, lieutenants Tharend and Motlin will be assigned. The team loads up their corvette and takes off, Lelan and Quint follow in two fighters and dock with the ship in orbit before Captain Alana Nivix takes them to Leritor. As per usual, Bruin is uneasy flying, but Talik again uses her Affect Mind Force power to help calm him.
On location, the team launches the fighters and takes turns making close sensor passes at freighters moving through the system. Finally, Lelan's R4 unit detects the illegal cargo aboard a Latoka class freighter, the Looma Carrier. He hails the ship to surrender, but they raise shields, change course for the hyper limit and open fire. The Courier and Quint come to Lelan's aid and they join the attack on the freighter.
The ships exchange fire and Alana calls on them to surrender, but they continue fighting. The crew knocks down their shields, then disables the power converter feeding the smugglers guns and half their ion engines. Alana calls on them again to surrender and they do. Alana brings the corvette alongside and docks, Fom, Bruin, XTR-MN8 and Ysht'yelakht prepare to board. Lelan docks his fighter and Quint continues to circle in his fighter. Bruin senses five beings beyond the smuggler's airlock, when the hatch opens one of them throws a grenade and the others prepare to fight. Fom, Bruin and XTR-MN8 all try to get the grenade away, but it goes off between the two groups. Everyone opens fire as the grenade goes off, Ysht accidentally shoots one of the jedi in the back. Fom and Bruin charge in to strike with their lightsabers and Ysht and XTR-MN8 continue to fight. Ysht is hit and knocked out by blaster fire. When three of the smugglers are killed, the other two drop their weapons and surrender. Lelan heads in to join the boarding party. Alana turns control over to Lieutenant Tharend and heads over as well. The boarding team gets to the smuggler's bridge and their captain is on the com, telling someone they've been captured. XTR-MN8 kills him with a head shot before the smuggler captain or anyone else can do anything. The Jedi order XTR-MN8 to go back to the ship, they are unhappy it killed a useful prisoner. After the injured crew are treated and the prisoners are secured, they examine the ship. It is carrying a cargo of weapons, mostly small arms with some explosives and crew served weapons. Bruin begins slicing into the ship's computer. Alana sends a signal to base, informing them that the smuggler has been captured, they are ordered to bring it back to base.
Questioning the crew and checking their records shows the smugglers were supposed to meet a ship maned the Krayt on Leritor and the cargo is meant for the pirate group led by Hela Dellaeon. Alana orders Lieutenants Tharend and Motlin to fly the smuggler ship back to base. The rest of the team brainstorms and considers trying to use the Looma Carrier's transponder code to get close to the smugglers' contact. Their records show their next destination and some other worlds they have visited in the past. While they are plotting, Lieutenant Tharend reports they are nearing the hyper limit and are getting ready to jump to lightspeed. Suddenly, a Corellian YB-300 freighter with no transponder appears from hyperspace and blasts the damaged Looma Carrier with four proton torpedoes, tearing her to shreds. Without a word, the YB-300 jumps into hyperspace again. With the prize ship, her temporary crew and most of the evidence gone, the Lavisar Courier returns to Herdessa Base. Bruin and Lelan talk to XTR-MN8 about its excessive use of force, Bruin offers to write a program to help XTR-MN8 understand better. The droid agrees, but will check the code before its installed.
At the post-mission briefing, Commodore Tane and his intelligence officer explain that Dellaeon was a captain in a system defense force, she disappeared a decade ago with her patrol ship and crew and turned pirate. She now has a small squadron of vessels, mostly armed freighters. The YB-300 that destroyed the prize ship was taken a couple of years ago and has been seen operating as part of Dellaeon's group.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Lee "Midichlorians are just a lie spread by the government to explain Force powers"

Discussing who has piloting and other ship skills
Matt "I can fly starfighters"
Lee "What can't you do?" Since the Jedi have to spend 60% of their skills on Force skills, the non-Jedi have a wider variety of skills.
Kimi "Use the Force"

Joking again about how attractive Kimi's Twi'lek is
Kimi "You can look at my green boobies… groobies"

Lelan flies very well
Emily "Lelan is a leaf on the wind"
Lot's of groans
Emily "Too soon?"

Discussing using the Force power Enhance Attribute, Emily has a slip of the tongue
Lee "Enhance Appetite? That's a great Force power"

Discussing racism in Star Wars
Lee "I'm stressed"
Emily "Stress racism, stracism"
Jim "Space racism, spacism"

Looking at the visual encyclopedia for The Force Awakens
Raleigh "I like how their officers went with the Canada look for their ear flaps (on their hats)"
Jim "Space is cold"
Lee "Canada is colder"

Everyone is practicing saying "Lelan" (there's no "d" at the end)
Raleigh "It's like Leylan Yutani" (from Alien)
Emily "That's Weyland"

Again discussing Kimi's Jedi
Michael "She's not really a Jedi, she just showed someone her boobs and they gave her a lightsaber"
Emily "Gave her a lightsaber? Is that what they're calling it now?"

XTR-MN8 has been bad
Lee "You're demoted to luggage handler"

Talking about a decoy plan for trying to get close to the pirates
Chmiel "Just go to a junkyard and get a piece of shit"
Michael "Get a Firefly"