Consult the Oracle

The party is debating what to do next after trying to find out more information about the Blood Dawn ritual. The church of Tyr says a druid's circle would be a most likely choice, but the druids guard and ward those well. Their suggestion is the site of the battle where Saint Gird led his peasant army to overthrow the mercenary forces of the evil northern nobles centuries ago. Most of the dead were simply buried where they fell. They also have a lead about a dragon oracle that lives in the Dragonspine Mountains. They decide to visit the oracle.
On the way, they are attacked by harpies as they are breaking camp. Some of the party are charmed by the harpies' song, but Ragnar blocks them with a Silence spell. The party fights from within the safety of the spell and slays the harpies. Arriving at the oracle, they come to giant stone doors covering a tunnel into the mountain and an altar. They lay out offerings on the altar and the doors open. A giant grey dragon thrusts its head from the tunnel and licks up the items left on the altar. Some of the party are panicked by the dragon, but Iria notices that their horses are strangely not. The dragon asks for their question, then a doorway opens behind them revealing a camping area and stables for the party to rest while the oracle considers their question. The dragon withdraws into its cave and closes the doors. A few hours later, the doors open and the dragon returns. The party has been discussing timing and Duma knows there is an eclipse coming in about six months. The dragon confirms that the ritual is planned for the eclipse, the vampires plan to use an abandoned druids' circle far to the north in the Open Lands, the circle is located at the Thistle Grove. The dragon wishes them luck and withdraws into its cave again.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
By chance, three of the party concentrate their attacks on one harpy
Matt "Fuck that one in particular"

Ragnar is ill after being stabbed by the harpies' javelins
Matt "I got the dwarven flu"
Ryan "How much did you drink last night?"

Which lead to a discussion of what Matt had in his bar
Kimi "SoCo, breakfast of champions"