Concept And Rules Set

I have been interested in doing a Space:1889 game for a long time, but it was a low priority. Talking to the people in my Serenity game made it a possibility. But I didn't want to learn a new system, or worse, make my players learn a new one. So, we decided to run a short campaign using the Space:1889 campaign setting and background, but the rules from the Serenity RPG which is part of the Cortex system.
Character generation, skill rolls and personal combat will use the Serenity system. Science and Invention creation will use the Space: 1889 rules with the dice pool being based on the Serenity skill levels. Ship combat will probably be handled abstractly with a combination of the Serenity rules and the wargame rules from Sky Galleons of Mars, probably made up as I go. I'm not planning on a lot of ship combat, but there will be some.

Firearms Damage
Alternate Success Levels
Building and Reproducing inventions