Cortex Gear

Attributes & Skills Cost Avail
d4 15 E
d6 45 E
d8 70 E
d10 115 C
d12 175 C
d12+d4 475 I
d12+d6 950 I
d12+d8 1500 I
d12+d10 3000 I
d12+d12 6000 I
Computers Cost Weight Avail
Lexicon (Translator) 40 2 C
Portable Cortex Terminal 400 1 C
Standard Hardware Upgrades Cost Avail
Alliance-Grade Hardware Hardening 500 I
Black Box Upgrade 500 I
Dedicated Sourcebox Upgrade 75 C
Holo-Image Development Suite Upgrade 30 C
Portability Upgrade 250 E
Standard Hardware Hardening 50 C
Speciality Programs Cost(^) Avail Description
Anti-Virus 2 E Detects and destroys virus and destroyer programs
Authorization 4 E Resists intrusion by unauthorized systems, programs and users
ICE 100 I Attacks intruding systems with Viruses or Destroyers
Encryption 4 E Encrypts files and records
Access 40 I Bypasses a system or computer’s authorization
ICE Breakers 150 I Resists or countermands ICE progs
Destroyers 170 I Viruses that attack system attributes directly in order to permanently reduce attributes
Viruses 80 I Attacks system software in order to penalize computer attributes
Stealth 40 I Increases difficulty of discovering a system or computer
Ninja 70 I Masks detection by system security and ICE
Backdoors 50 I Creates one or more unsecured access points in a computer and computer system
Decryptors 30 I Decrypts files
Database Tools 2 E Creates, destroys or alters files and records
Scanners 3 E Aids in searching cortex, systems or computers
Slavedrivers 4 E Aids in control of slave systems

^ Price listed is a base price per die step. Multiply this by target die step to determine cost. For example: A d2 Access prog’s base price is 40Cr. A d4 Access prog would therefore cost 80Cr (40Cr x2). A d6 would cost 120Cr (40Cr x3).