Combat Rules Modifications

I love you all like brothers and sisters (however, I'm an only child so I'm speculating wildly…) but having 7 players in an online games leads to some BIG slowdowns during combat.

Therefore, I am implementing the following changes to combat:

1. Players must declare their actions at the beginning of the round, in order of initiative. Strategy discussion is allowed at this time, but is limited to 30-60 seconds, depending on encounter conditions.

2. Players will have only 5-10 seconds on their turn to change their intended actions. Discussion with other players is not allowed at this point. Only information spoken by other players on their preceding turns can be considered.

3. Know your abilities and actions!

4. Players can call a targeted attack (eyes, hand, weapon, etc.) Roll to attack is at disadvantage, but if you hit, there will be a bonus effect (blinded, can't use hand, drops weapon, etc.) determined by DM.

5. Players should roll damage dice at the same time as attack dice.