Cloudships are flying ships carried aloft by the anti-gravity properties of martian liftwood. Kites are cloudships propelled by wind driven sails, a screw galley or simply galley, is propelled by a manually turned propellor. Warships equipped with a ramming prow are called rams. A screw galley with a ram is a screw ram. An armed kite is called a gunkite.
With the coming of humans, steam powered cloudships have been built with a combination of human steam power and martian liftwood. Steam powered warships are called steam gunboats or aerial cruisers depending on their size, or steam rams if equipped with a ram.

Cloudship Artwork

Swiftwood Gunkite
HMS Menace Modified Swiftwood Gunkite
Endtime Screw Galley
Nightwind Gunkite
Thundercloud Screw Galley
Little Bird of Passage Merchant Kite
Skyrunner Screw Galley
Intikam Modified Skyrunner Screw Galley