Cl-54 Mighty Class Light Freighter

(Original design is in Six Shooters and Spaceships, as per usual her math doesn't add up)
650 tons
Agi d8 Str d4 Vit d10 Ale d2 Int d2 Wil d2
Pilot d2 Perception d2
Speed Class: 4 Hard Burn: 6
Fuel: 600 hours at SC 4
Crew: 3 (cramped bunks, steerage equivalent)
Passengers: 10 second class (5 double staterooms)
Cargo: 213 tons
Gear: 20 ton Scarab class short range shuttle
Assets: Healthy as a Horse (m)
Complications: Everyone has one (m), Ugly as Sin (m), Dull Sense: cortex link (m)
Complexity: 24 Very Low
Cost: 10,760cr
Maintenance: 43 cr/month

A small, very reliable transport usually used on short runs such as between the moons of Qin Shi Huang in White Sun or Heinlein in Red Sun. It is an incredibly rugged, reliable and ugly ship. Since it is intended for intrasystem work, the Cortex system is short ranged and only works where there are signal relays and repeaters. In the deep Black between stars, she is frequently out of touch.

A popular option removes the cargo bay and passengers' quarters to give her 293 tons of cargo and a rack and grapple system for hauling six 40 foot standard cargo containers or large machinery.

Here's a link to a page with the original description and new deckplans.