City of Snakes

After leaving the Peaks of Flame, the party flies on to the lost city of Omu. They arrive just as their spell of flying wears off and land outside the city. Omu is a large city built in a miles long depression in the jungle, ringed by tall cliffs. At one end a river flows into the depression, flooding part of the city, before emptying into a massive lava filled rift. The city is overgrown with jungle plants. At one tip of the city, they find a massive staircase carved from the cliffs. At the base of the stairs is an old guardhouse. They explore it and decide to make it their base. Kiistnoa repairs the broken portcullis, but they hold off on closing it for fear of attracting attention. Grafitti covers the walls of the guard house, and some of them seem to offer clues.
The party begins exploring the city, heading up a large boulevard. Along the way is a walled compound with some smoke drifting up from it. When they enter, they find freshly burned human bodies. Exploring the buildings, they find a wounded old man who appears to be a scribe. He is Orvix, he says he was hired by a group of wizards to help them explore the city and has been mapping the city. Iakin suggests they take him back to their camp and has Tamaran heal him. They return to the guardhouse and begin questioning Orvix. He says he is from Neverwinter and was hired by a group of the Red Wizards of Thay. The Red Wizards are notoriously evil, Orvix says they are looking for the Soulmonger also, but their camp was attacked and the wizards killed by a group of yuan-ti. Orvix has a map showing where the nine shrines to the Trickster Gods are, each shrine has part of the puzzle they need to solve to deal with the Soulmonger. Before they start seeking the shrines, Orvix tells them the legend of the Trickster Gods, and what creatures represent each god. They head to the nearest shrine of Kubazan the Froghemoth. The shrine has a large pool with a frog statue on an island in the middle, other statues have fallen in the pool and form crude steeping stones. Orvix says the Red Wizards were attacked here and some of them fell in the water and disappeared. Iakin and Nanoc grab wood beams and plancks from a nearby crumbling building to make bridges across the pool. When the reach the other side, a froghemoth comes out of the pool and attacks, grappling Nanoc and Iakin in its tentacles. They break free and attack and the rest of party shoots spells amd missiles across the pool. Talya hits the beast with a Guiding Bolt and Korinn uses her lightning gauntlets to shoot electrically charged arrows. The beast dies under their onslaught. Moving into the shrine, they are hit by a wave of Fear from the gate and most of the party flees. A few recover on their own, but some people need to be magically cured of the fear. Inside the shrine is a sunken room, across the way is an alcove with an altar holding the puzzle cube. The floor has sword length spikes, but the lip of the pit is ringed with stepping stones protruding from the wall. Kiistnoa decides to simply use his Boots of Jumping and jumps across the pit to the altar with a rope tied around his waist. He makes the leap and secures the rope. He snatches the puzzle cube off the altar and leaves somestuff in its place. Then he tries to come back across on the rope, but slips and falls. Fortunately he lands between the spikes and can move across the floor to the other side. The party drops a rope and pulls him out. With the first puzzle piece, they return to the guardhouse.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Reading the grafitti in the guard house
Jim "We missed the poetry slam"
Alicia "For a good time, call…"

A long boulevard runs almost all the way across the city, north to south
Bonnie "The Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

The rescued scribe has a russian accent
Mike "I'm following Lee's tradition of making NPCs russian"