Circuit Racers

(VERY loosely based on Classic Traveller adventure "Road Show")


After helping fight off the Reavers, the crew needs to look for a new job. Lang Ye approaches Captain Sata with a proposal: he needs to keep moving, but can't afford to pay the full passenger fee each time. Would Sata be willing to take him as a part time crew member? Lang will work for passage and maybe a small share of pay, and in return he will help with cargoes, is good with electronics and has demonstrated his ability to defend the ship and crew. Sata agrees.

The Yellow Submarine hops across system to Meridian and picks up a cargo heading back to Beaumonde.

Hoverbike Racing on Beaumonde

Upon arriving at Beaumonde, they find everyone is talking about hoverbike races. The racing comission is scheduling demonstration races on some of the major rim worlds to see if there is enough interest to expand the circuit. Randomly chosen ticket holders will get a chance to come to the pits after the race and meet racers. Saxon contacts the crew about taking passage and buys tickets to one of the prestige suites so Sata and Finx can mingle and look for contracts. Lang hacks the ticket computer so he can be "randomly" chosen. Lennon, having left the ship early that morning to run his clinic, is absent.

The race is exciting and Finx and Sata make some contacts. Lang gets to meet one of the younger racers, Chien Sanders, who is racing in his first professional season. After the race, a gentleman comes to the ship and hires them as transportation for Sander's team and equipment. He wants the crew to transport them on rest of the circuit.

The Yellow Submarine as a Hoverbike Tour Bus

The crew carries the race team to Boros, there, they find the other race teams all took transport on the same bulk freighter. Sanders explains someone called in an anonymous tip to the Beaumonde police that there were illegal goods being smuggled by his team, so the Feds made him unload his trailer and searched it. The time for the search made him miss the scheduled ship. Chien comes in second and he takes Sata, Lang, Wilks to a bar to celebrate. In the bar, Sanders appears to have an accident bumping into a guy but it was a setup. A bar brawl begins and the crew is winning when one of the strangers pulls a gun and wounds Sanders. Sata draws his laser pistol and shoots the guy's gun hand off. The Feds come and everyone is taken away. They are forced to call Lennon to bail them out and he is very upset they had a bar fight without him present. With Saxon's help, everyone is bailed out. Most get off with a fine for brawling, but Sata is fined heavily and the laser confiscated. Unwilling to leave it, Sata delays departure for three days while Lang finds an underworld contact who knows a corrupt cop who can steal Sata's pistol back. Due to the combined delay, the Yellow Submarine needs to go full burn all the way to Paquin. The ship arrives the night before the race.

On Paquin

On Paquin, the course is set up as a pylon race at an existing race track, so the crew is happy to see it has proper seating, etc. Looking around before the race, Wilks notices a heavily forested hill that has a lovely view of the entire race. Sniper instincts engaged, he takes his long rifle and Lang as back up to go investigate. Wilks threads through the woods and finds the perfect spot, which is already occupied by another sniper. Lang sneaks up on him and knocks him out. They call Lennon for pickup and tell him he has a patient. Lennon picks them up and takes them all back to the ship. The sniper has an advanced railgun sniper rifle and a data pad with mechanical details on three bikes: Sander's, Cabeza's and Gao Kwan's. Interrogations go nowhere, so they call Sata back to the ship. Sata orders Lennon to drug the captive over his medical objections. Sata's drug assisted questioning is more successful, the prisoner is a hitman for a local crime lord. They decide to sedate him and return him to his own apartment, but keep the gun and other evidence. Lennon and Howard send messages to their contacts for more information.

Chien wins the third race and takes everyone out for dinner to celebrate. The crew decides to wait until they are safely offworld before telling him what happened.

Enroute to New Melbourne

On the voyage to New Melbourne in Red Sun, the crew presents Sanders and his manager with the data pad evidence. Sanders explains that this is official race commission data, direct from the commissions files. Over dinner one night, Lennon suggests the crew needs to tighten up and keep more discipline. Sata is shocked, but Lennon's motivation is that if the Glory and Admiral Sharpe need their help, they need to be prepared. Sata replies that they need to maintain better stocks of medical supplies so Lennon's free clinics don't run them down too low.

Lennon's hacker contact, Mr. Black Skull, sends Lennon the record of the tip that triggered the search of Sander's equipment. The decrypted evidence leads Lennon to Ella Taffat, one of the supervising commissioners. The crew arrives on New Melbourne and Saxon rents a huge party boat to watch the race, which is partially over water. Sata sends a pocket recorder with the phone call to Taffat during the race and observes her reaction. The race runs without incident and Sanders comes in second. But after the race, Sanders stalks inside the trailer and smashes his helmet into the wall in fury. He claims there is something wrong with the bike, it wasn't performing right and he wants it totally stripped down and checked before the last run on Liann Jiun. Lennon has also gotten a message from Admiral Sharpe that one of his ships will be at the Corone Skyplex and they can pick up the medicine there.

A Stop on Corone Skyplex

The Yellow Submarine makes a brief stop at the Skyplex and Lennon meets Commander Torres, Lt. Qin and engineer Pete Maxwell aboard the tanker Bounteous Mother. Lennon hands over the medicine and Lt. Qin gives him a datapad with information about the HMS Seeker. The crew heads on to Liann Jiunn and arrives a day early.

Sata begins wondering about Sanders' crew and Wilks, Lennon and Finx take his mechanic, Bei Qin, out drinking. Wilks and Bei get drunk and Lennon interrogates him, drawing out a confession that Commissioner Taffat bribed him to sabotage Sanders' bike. Lennon records his confession on his music player. The crew discusses taking the evidence to the police and having Taffat arrested, but settle on blackmailing her. Sanders wants her to retire immediately as part of the deal. Finx and Lennon contact Taffat when the race team ship arrives and Taffat agrees to pay 4,000 credits in hush money (half to Finx, half to Lennon's medical fund) and retire. Lennon also gets Finx to donate money for two months of medical supplies to Lennon in return for his cooperation. Finx slowly realizes he was taken by Lennon…

On Liann Jiun

The last race is run without event and Sanders again comes in second. However, because he has been first or second for the entire circuit, he is declared the winner and receives the prize money. He pays off the Yellow Submarine and puts in an extra 800 credit bonus for all their help.

(This was our longest adventure yet, taking three sessions)