Chez Zombie

Chez Zombie is a version of Chez Geek where the players are survivors in a camp, trying to survive after the Zombie Apocalypse. Instead of collecting Slack points, you collect Survival points. Special rules cover Zombies, which are a class of Bad People cards. Zombies have a -2 Survival value and eat the Good People in your camp, starting with the highest value people. You can roll to get rid of Zombies like you do other Bad People, but you must have a Weapon card to do so. The better the weapon, the easier the roll, but you use only the highest Value Weapon. You can play Zombies on yourself to get rid of Bad People…

This is a proposed advertising blurb from my (rejected) submission to Steve Jackson Games:
“The Zombie Apocalypse has come and there’s no time to slack off, now it’s time to SURVIVE. Play roles like the Zombie Hunter, Hot Babe, The Kid or Tough Chick. Earn Survival Points by scrounging for Ketchup, Toilet Paper or Canned Goods. Gather fellow survivors to your camp like the Cop, Paramedic and Hunter. Keep your survivors from being eaten by the Goth Zombie or Zombie Dog by fighting them off with the Double Barrel Shotgun, Chainsaw or Bat with Nails. Relax with some Public Monument Nookie, Zombie Tag or go for a Joyride. When your rivals get too close, slow them down with a Zombie Ambush, Mourn the Loss of Civilization or a Supply Raid to take their stuff. But, beware the Mass Zombification card that turns your camp followers into zombies!”

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