Chez Convention

In 2012, Kevin and Emily took us to Dragon*Con, a huge sci-fi, gaming, anime, costuming, EVERYTHING convention. It was amazing. So I made up Chez Convention, based on our experiences. I met game designer Clint Black in an elevator, we almost literally ran into John Rhys-Davies, and Emily stood in line with Sylvester McCoy and has a picture of him playing drums with ice cream spoons on her. While she's made up as a zombie doctor, no less.

So it's Convention Season! The Cosplayer, Old Fan, Stalker and Gamer will be there. There will be a Costume Contest and RPG Tourney. Shop in the dealer's room for New Dice, Action Figure or DVD Box Set. Go to the Celebrity Panel or watch Convention TV. Hopefully you won't get your Event Cancelled or get stuck in a room with the Con Suite Next Door. And at night you can go to the Con Party, get a Mixed Drink from the Cocktail Agent and maybe hook up for some Elevator Nookie.

card ideas rained on in line
new parade route blocks you-cancel event
dope- I can't tell if I'm tripping or that's a great costume