Character Types

The three types of player characters will be:
Normals are everyday humans. They may be researchers, ex-cops, soldiers or government agents who somehow got drafted into the BPRD. While they will not have supernatural powers, they will have a wider variety of skills and fewer vulnerabilities. Examples

Enhanced Humans are humans with some extra gift. They may have psychic powers like Liz, be real wizards, or perhaps some sort of half-breed like Blade (half-vampire) or modified by science like Captain America. Other possibilities include oriental monks with mystic abilities or people with a supernatural background (child of Zeus and a mortal woman for example). Example 2

Exotics are cryptids or supernatural entities. Supernatural beings include fallen angels, werewolves trying to be human and control their urges, elves exiled to the lands of man or mythical creatures who have lost their divine masters, like a valkyrie who could not return to Asgard. Creatures from any mythology are up for grabs. Cryptids are intelligent cryptozoological creatures like Yeti or intelligent lizard men descended from dinosaurs. Example 3

All characters will be made up with the same amount of points. Supernatural powers will consume a lot of these points leaving fewer for skills. A psychic will have some powers, but they’ll be lucky if they know how to do much besides drive a car. Mythological beings like an Elf may be a fantastic swordsman and know some magic, but won’t be able to drive a car, shoot a gun or use a telephone. A normal human ex-marine could fly a helicopter, use firearms, do first aid, drive cars, rig explosives, etc.
The other issue for supernatural entities is vulnerabilities. To get the points to buy their increased stats and powers, they’re going to need to take some serious Disadvantages. Many mythical beings can’t stand the touch of cold iron, so holding most guns is out. A vampire PC wouldn’t be able to go out in the daylight, and may have to constantly make rolls to contain its blood thirst. Almost all supernatural characters and some enhanced humans may have unusual or monstrous appearances, preventing them from interacting with normal humans or requiring them to be covert. And some vulnerabilities will be lethal. A vampire will be killed by prolonged exposure to sunlight and holy water will burn like acid. Creatures from the Faerie realms will take aggravated damage from iron weapons.


After the first adventure (Don't fear the Reaper), I realized the PCs are fairly short on combat skills. I'm going to beef up the generic troopers and such sent as backup to help the PCs out.