Character Session

We had a planning session to work on characters. Silly things were said…

Kevin "How do you get a dark side point?"
Raleigh "By using a force point to do evil"
Kevin "What counts as evil?"
Lee "What's a force point?"

Lee "Can I force twerk?"
Jim "No, that earns a dark side point"

Lee is choosing force powers and filled one of his categories up
Lee "I am out of Control"

Lee "What is ball-ist-ste-nesis?" It's derived from ballistics

Lee "Is there force noogie?"

Matt was talking about his Cyberpunk character surviving accidentally shooting himself in the hand and head
Jim "You're good at surviving your stupidity"

Finishing Kimi's Twi'lek character
Jim "I will make up a list of your force powers and tweak it"
Kimi "You mean twi'leak it?"