Character Creation Tutorial

For character stats, there are two main sections: Attributes and Skills. We are going to do two examples.

There are six Attributes; Dexterity, Knowledge, Mechanical, Perception, Strength and Technical. Human characters get 18d6 to divide up, they have to put a minimum of 2d6 into each and a maximum of 4d6. So you could do 3d6 across the board or 4d6 2d6 2d6 4d6 2d6 4d6. But, you can also break a die up into 3 +1 "pips" or a +1 and a +2. For example, 3d6 2d6+1 2d6+1 4d6 2d6+1 4d6 or 3d6 2d6+2 2d6+1 4d6 2d6 4d6.

Aliens get 16-18 d6 based upon their race, using Emily's Mirialian jedi as an example, she gets 18d6 and her racial stats are (minimum/maximum):

Dexterity is very important, so Emily puts in 4d6 to go to the max. Emily also wants to be a good fighter pilot, so she also puts the max into her Mechanical for 4d6. That leaves her with 10d6. She puts 2d6 each into Knowledge, Perception, Strength and Technical, leaving 2d6. Perception is important so she puts a full die there for 3d6 total. She then splits the last die into 3 +1s and puts them onto Knowledge, Strength and Technical.

Your template (which is like a class in D&D) gives you recommended skills for your profession. For a Jedi Knight, the Jedi Consular (councilor?) is closest for our purposes. There's the Bounty Hunter for Matt and for Mike's naval pilot, there's the Imperial Captain or Privateer Captain. Michael's droid will use the Bounty Hunter template for skills. I will discuss starting equipment later.
The template has skills available to beginning characters, but since we are making up experienced characters, you may choose other skills besides what is listed on your template.
Skills are broken up by the Attribute that governs them. If you try to do something you don't have skill in, you use your base Attribute. So if you have 2d6 in Dexterity, but no Blaster skill, you use your base 2d6. When you buy a skill, it starts equal to the base Attribute, plus the number of points you spend on that skill. You can break a die into pips, you can also spend a pip to specialize. Specialization gives you a full die, but in a specific subskill, like Blaster pistol, or X-wing piloting or Desert survival. Some skills can not be attempted unless you are trained, like Surgery for example.
Normally beginning characters get 7d6 worth of points for skills. But the system does not have jedis in mind. Going off Obi-wan's stats for The Phantom Menace, the minimum for a jedi knight is 4d6 in each of the three Force skills: Control, Sense and Alter. So we're going to go with a heavy 20d6 of skills, but the jedi have to use at least 12d6 for their three Force skills with a minimum of 3d6 in each. Emily spreads her mandatory 12d6 evenly, giving 4d6 in each Force skill. Now she needs to spend her other 8d6 on normal skills.
Her Dexterity is 4d6, so she spends 1d6 to raise her Lightsaber to 5d6 and another to raise Dodge to 5d6. For her piloting, her Mechanical is 4d6, so she spends 1d6 to raise Starfighter Pilot to 5d6 and another 1d6 for Starship Gunnery 5d6. Knowledge is 2d6+1, so she spends 1d6 to raise Languages to 3d6+1. Since jedi need to also be good diplomats, she spends 1d6 to raise Persuasion under Perception to 4d. A little hand to hand would be good, so she puts a die into Brawling for 3d6+1. For her last die, she breaks it up into 3 +1 pips and adds +1 to Parry under Dexterity for 4d6+1, another +1 to First Aid under Technical for 2d+2. For her last +1, she is going to use it to specialize, which gives her a full d6, she specializes in Wookie language and gets Wookie 4d+1

Final skills:
Dexterity 4d
Lightsaber 5d
Dodge 5d
Parry 4d+1
Knowledge 2d+1
Languages 3d+1
Wookie 4d+1
Mechanical 4d
Starfighter Pilot 5d
Starship Gunnery 5d
Perception 3d
Persuasion 4d
Strength 2d+1
Brawling 3d+1
Technical 2d+1
First Aid 2d+2

Force Powers (UPDATED)
The last bit for jedi are Force powers. You get 1 Force power when you learn a Force skill, then 1 extra power each time you improve your skill (1d to 1d+1, 1d+1 to 1d+2, etc). Some powers use a single Force skill, like Telekinesis which just uses Alter. Some use two skills, like Lightsaber Combat which uses Control and Sense. And a few use all three, such as Affect Mind. Force powers that require multiple skills use multiple slots. So Lightsaber Combat uses 1 Sense power slot and 1 Control slot. There are LOTS of Force powers, I will publish a list of which are available.
Skill Die Force Powers
1d 1
1d+1 2
1d+2 3
2d 4
2d+1 5
2d+2 6
3d 7
3d+1 8
3d+2 9
4d 10
4d+1 11
4d+2 12
5d 13
5d+1 14

Optional: Assets and Complications
I am considering using Serenity style Assets and Complications. A minor would give you a 1d6 bonus, a Major 2d6. So if Emily took Talented: Pilot (minor), she would roll 6d6 for her Starfighter Pilot instead. The problem I see is that a lot of the Complications are things jedis don't have: dependent family, debts, addictions, prejudices. Some of them are suitable, like Deadly Enemy or Things Don't Go Smooth. Complications like Chip on the Shoulder or Glory Hound should be minor at best. Anakin in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith is an example of a jedi with a lot of negative personality traits, but an extreme example. Unless someone is planning to turn to the Dark Side, I would not suggest them. I may have to make decisions on a case by case basis.