Character Advancement: Serenity vs Supernatural

I have been using the Serenity version of the Cortex rules, because that was what I was most familiar with. But now I have the basic Cortex RPG book and the Supernatural RPG on PDF and I've had a chance to study the differences. The big thing that got our attention was the cost of advancing skills on the Supernatural and Cortex character sheets.

In Serenity, you have to pay the new level's value in points. To go from d2 to d4 is four points, d4 to d6 is six, d6 to d8 is eight, etc. In the other rules its six points per increase, flat. That means its harder to start new skills in Cortex, but easier to raise high level skills. To go from 0 to d12 in Serenity is 42 advancement points but only 36 in Cortex.

Its also easier to raise your attributes. In Serenity, you use the above value times four, but in Cortex its 16 points per increase, flat again. To raise an attribute from d6 to d10 in Serenity would be 72 advancement points (4x8=32 + 4x10= 40), but only 32 in Cortex.